Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I Pay to Get the Strib

Hi All!

I am a bit lazy, uninspired and needing to haul a trailer load up north today, so I'll just shoot a fish in a barrel.

Ah, my beloved Minneapolis Star Tribune

I am a bit old-fashioned in needing to find a newspaper or two on my doorstep each morning. I subscribe to the Strib and the Pioneer Press . I always read the Strib first to get my dander up and follow up with the warm blanket of my "hometown" paper in order to settle back down

I can't "read the paper" on the internet. Heresy.

I'll just throw two darts at today's publication of "The Newspaper of the Twin Cities' Liberal Elite."

Front page news is that global warming is even WORSE than was thought. Yawn. This coming the day after learning that Exxon has found a motherlode of new fossil fuel a few miles under the ocean floor and that we might not need to disturb the Alaskan caribou after all.

Even the New York Times gave Exxon's exciting discovery, made possible with new technology, a short paragraph on the Business Page. An alert reader of this blog will have noted my prescience regarding oil and nuclear power versus "try to squeeze water from rocks" inefficient , expensive and downright pathetic attemps to replace the stuff we have in great abundance with great technology and relative cheapness. Wind power and bio fuels? A great welfare plan for farmers and that's about all.

Dart two: Coverage of Mike Hatch's first TV ad. It is a pretty straightforward piece by a great political writer, albeit a die-hard leftie, Dane Smith.

Hatch, this bette noir of mine, is a piece of work. The ad demonstrates that a dog loves him and that he boldly defended the Conceal and Carry law.

My old buddy Bud once responded to a couple of young ladies trying to cut in line leaving the drive-In theater, who, thwarted at their attempt to barge ahead, gave Bud the middle finger salute.

Bud casually looked over and asked, "Is that how many friends you had 'till your dog died?"

So Mike Hatch has, perhaps, one friend. Good health to old Rover. I can picture Hatch kicking the poor beast as soon as they had a good take and pulling the Binaca out of his pocket to get rid of the bacon breath.

As Attorney General, Hatch is charged with defending Minnesota Law. Minnesota Law allows a permit to carry a handgun. Hatch's office defended the State against attempts to repeal. Um, that's his JOB! It's not as though he had a choice to fight the lawsuit, but here he is patting himself on the back for being forced to do his job.


I have just enough faith left in our fragile and abused democracy that this bad actor will be over and done with the November. Governor Pawlenty should smoke him.

Still, I have to hedge my bet. Sometimes I am smart enough to be careful what I wish for.

Confounded trying to get the picture from the website. It's hilarity but I give up.

Time to head for The Lake.




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