Friday, September 15, 2006

Wog vs. The Machine

Hi All!

With apologies to Kennedy, I just realized that one of my problems is with convention, authority, "Da Man", whatever.

Oh, I've played the game to my advantage many times and come out a "winner" more often than not.

Right now, it seems as though my luck may well have run out.

I am embroiled in so many "situations" with large, impersonal, powerful entities that it's hard to keep them straight hour to hour, let alone day to day.

Here's just a sampler of the classifications of windmills I am currently engaged with tilting at: Life and Auto Insurance, Credit Card, Bank, Credit Union, Lawyers, Unions, eBay, Brokerage ...

... and most daunting of all, family relationships.

Perhaps that's why God is keeping me alive. I am enduring hell on earth.



Blogger Beaner said...

I hope to God that you watch My Name is Earl on Thursday nights. If you haven't seen it it's about a guy that decides he's going to turn his life around so that Karma doesn't ruin it. He makes a list of all the people he's "wronged" and hunts them down to make it right. Also, I think that you would have a better "audience" in terms of your blog if you replied to comments. People need to know that you enjoyed their comments as much as we enjoy your entries. OMG are you Earl. Watch that show!

4:13 PM  

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