Thursday, October 19, 2006

10 Reasons for Optimism

Hi All!

Blogs generally read bottom to top, which is unfortunate, as it is counter-intuitive to go back down to the place you left off reading yesterday and scroll up to the latest.

I've been doing some downer posts, but to me, everything I put down is therapeutic.

Watched my new Iggy DVD and was floored by his intro. I had to play/pause it until I could write it down and put it up on the old Wogsblog.

I love it when art speaks to me. It makes me feel less alone.

So here are a few things off the top of my head that I am feeling good about just now, in no particular order of importance:

I can start referring my aggressively dunning creditors to my lawyer, Jack Prescott. Perhaps we can stop ignoring the constantly ringing phone. Perhaps it will stop ringing constantly.

I made the effort to meet with every one of my Cretin-Derham kids' teachers on conference day and heard nothing but enthusiastic praise for Drew and Catie. A's don't mean as much nowadays but it's nice to know that they are pulling them. More importantly it is nice to hear that they are assets to their classrooms and to hear genuine enthusiastic praise from their instructors.

In a previous post I noted how cheap Cheapo was and how a complaint to management put things right. Today I traded 3 very inferior and ill-chosen discs for two utterly fantastic ones: "Gorillaz' Demon Days Live 2005" and "Iggy A to B."

The drum kit has sat idle for awhile, but tonight I gave it a good pounding and it sounded not too awful and felt very good. Bang bang. Thump thump. Crash crash.

I felt somewhat healthy today. I wish I could figure out the pattern, but there isn't any. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or drink, how much sleep I get, whether I take or forget my meds or how down or up I am emotionally. Some days I can barely crawl without pain and fatigue, some days I can expend a lot of energy (relatively speaking). Last week I played 6 long holes of golf at Midland Hills with Alex and only darkness cut things short. Next day I had no pain other than the usual.

I played a few tight tilts of Trivia with some good player friends I have come to know through the "sport." "Fox" presented me with a certificate good for a night's lodging at a suites-type hotel nearby. I booked the family a night sharing 2 suites with kingsized beds and all the amenities. Livin' large from check-in to check-out this weekend.

Maybe November 7 won't be as bad as I fear. Since childhood I have forever been the pessimist, theorizing that the worst I can be is right and the best I can be is wrong. Both ways, I win.

I've got Stan and Ollie and a warm bed, to which I shall retire presently.



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