Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dunning, Political and Spy Calls and the Pregnant Pause

Hi All!

What with the letting the credit cards ride and the upcoming election, our phone has been ringing with annoying frequency.

One by one I am getting the credit card people off my back now that "The Process" has begun.

The dunning calls are usually easy to detect with caller indentification. When I answer once in awhile, just for a giggle, there is never a person on the other end of the line right away, just a pregnant pause, during which I hang up. Best yet, these automated bill collectors don't leave messages, usually.

The political ones are a bit tricker to avoid. If you don't answer, you will get a recording shoved down your answering machine's throat. Both parties are equal opportunity harassers. They make my blood boil.

Worst of all are the calls from a certain number that NEVER has anyone on the other end when in all your Midwesterner earnestness and ignorance pick up and say hello. Just cuts you off.

Googled the number and it is an outfit in Colorado that simply collects data on when people are home, therefore more likely to answer phone solicitaions. Apparently being on the national "NCL" *No Call List" doesn't effect them.

The internet sleuths have tracked them down to their address in Boulder. Sure wish I could afford a ski vacation -- I'd have to stop by and give them a piece of my mind.

Easier, I found out I can block certain numbers with my Comcast service -- duh. Take that, you bastards!


PS. Completed this post and went to stir the Hamburger Helper when the phone rang. This time it was DirectTV which wants to give me a free gift for being such a great customer if only I call back within two weeks. Thing is, we dropped it a month ago as we started to shed financial ballast. Wonder if they can fix that cut cable? The dish is still gracing the skyline over our home.


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