Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pray for Pope Benedict

Hi All!

A few days after the proverbial s--t hit the Islamic fan, a commentator wrote a piece that warned of the percolation of these incidents and warned that if would take weeks or months for the full fury of Islam to rain down.

I saved it, but just tossed it last week. Can't even remember who wrote it.

The author used the example of the infamous Danish cartoon that didn't cause a huge stir for a long time. The initial outrage was just a little snowball getting started down a big hill.

The reactions to Benedict's reasoned speech: a few protests and church attacks and the murder of a poor nun was the little snowball in this case.

Today we have a plane hijacking and a Fatah on the Pope.

I believe he will go to Turkey. If it is his destiny to be a martyr, I'm pretty sure he is ready to embrace it.

And to think I was depressed about the Twins!

No Cheers.


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