Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wog Catches a Breather

Hi All!

At the end of Day Two of "Why Me, Lord", a day of big topsies and huge turvies, the last turvy sent me ass over tip bonkers.

A decent night's sleep did little to quell the agitation of Saturday's slings and arrows.

A GREAT St. Agnes sermon (Adam's Rib Sunday) and my favorite Eggs (Pope) Benedict at the Backstreet Grille brought me down from the upper stratosphere. Got home at 10, literally passed out from mental and physical fatique and enjoyed a great fall afternoon, albeit cold and a bit rainy.

But Saturday was truly a Topsy Turvy day.

Topsy: Finally ridding myself of some ancient computer gear -- tens of thousands of dollars worth when new, now no better than scrap, and having the weird synchronicity of the gear-related memories bringing to mind fond memories of an old client from hell cum client from heaven and great friend ring me up later in the morning after many years, having thought of ME when shopping for a new color copier. We talked for over an hour. Made my day -- or so I naively thought.

Turvy: Minor issues like getting new tires on the car due to one which blew out on my wife's way to Duluth on Friday ($85 for getting the tire changed to the temporal spare, including an amusing $1 "after hours administrative fee) and getting the lawn mowed at a lower setting in preparation for winter was a nice little lull.

Topsy: Put the Trooper out on the Owner to Owner Car Mart lot and hung at a nearby Buzztime-equipped establishment kicking serious Trivia butt and cheering on the Tigers while waiting for a buyer to call my cell. Viola! Caller called, car sold. Too cheap, but a needed wad of hundreds found its way into my moth-infested wallet.

Turvey: Health was bad all day -- nearly passed out a few times from ammonia buildup which is one of the many nagging symptoms of liver failure. Feet and ankles suddenly swelled up with fluid as well and walking became torture. But I'm used to it. Good days and bad as far as that's concerned. When the liver finally decides to quit, things will go fast. I am ever mindful of that fact as I try to suck the quality out of each waking moment. I am ever mindful of my Doctor's yearly prediction that I won't see Christmas. Thank God and Science for the miracle drugs that reliably catch me when I feel myself falling.

Turvey: Had to be a firm parent and put my foot down with my 16-year-old clone. Details best spared.

Triple Turvey: Having Twin Cities Public Television bump Ray Davies from it's schedule at the last minute. The tape was rolling, the HDTV was all hooked up properly and making even an old Monty Python rerun look amazing. My troubles were behind. Time to relax and purely enjoy. Out comes the rug. The Alice Cooper concert DVD assuaged eventually, 'tho I had to play it quietly so as not to suffer fists and feet pounding overhead in protest of the late-night cacaphony.

Well, the clock said "Time for Mass" as I wrote those topsy turvy paragraphs. The Purple managed to win, even though I picked Detroit. I had a nice visit with my parents and had a blast playing Trivia with old and new playing buddies at Jimmy's -- even though I didn't win one game.

Lots of business left to deal with, but God, Fate, Circumstances, whatever it is gave me a pass today.

Of course the night is young so I shouldn't count my blessings quite yet....



Blogger ToeKnee said...

As a casual observer of your site and situation, I wish you a much better pack of coming days than the recent selection.

And I don't fully understand your history with Ray Davies, but just try to relax about that-- they didn't cancel it completely, they just blew it thoughtlessly to next week on you. You'll be here, God-willing, to enjoy it next week, *IF* you calm down a bit!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had an error in the following:

" ... bump Ray Davies from it's schedule ..."

+ + + + +

it's = it is; the possessive is its

4:30 PM  
Blogger PK said...

Thanks Toeknee!

I deleted the "effing" post and updated the current one. Thanks for grounding me a bit.

Thanks also, anon. I may be a fair writer but I am the world's worst proofer of my own henscratchings.

4:47 PM  

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