Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back to Sunday

Hi All!

It's gonna be an old fashioned Sunday today.

In my lifetime, Sundays centered on three holy obligations: Newspaper, Mass and Football.

The past four weeks have been screwy, as the Vikings have had a bye week, a Monday game and two "late" games. It has been a blessing, as the Sunday after-Masses were marked by nice weather and getting a lot of work done what needed doing.

This Sunday, with the muck and mire of the election cleared away, a cold November day not conducive to outdoor activities and a noon kickoff against the Green Bay Packers -- What could be better?

As I write, I have already sorted out the meat of both Sunday papers and recycled the chaff. I have gotten through the meat of the Pioneer Press but the Stribune front sections will have to go to 8:30 St. Agnes Mass with me and be read at the Backstreet Grille over coffee, eggs "pope" benedict and extra crispy hash browns.

I'll say hi to my old Cretin HS pal Tony, his dad Reno, who was principal at a St Paul inner city HS for, like, everrr and his sister Martha who makes a lot of dough selling cookies at The Fair.

Frank, the Indian Christian who is a dead ringer for Apu on "The Simpsons" will invite me to sit wherever I want, Todd, his nephew will set me up with a glass of ice water and one of a bevy of beautiful waitresses will take my regular order and have the meal steaming hot to my place within 5 minutes of ordering.

Hope my youngest will come along. The distaff half and the middle child didn't make it home last night, which should be worrisome, I guess, but if they have ID the cops can find me -- just hope I don't have any upsetting messages on the answering box when I get home in time for the news programs, the pregame show and .... The Vikes take on the Pack!

Ok, it's 7:34 so I don't have to wake my little girl for 26 minutes in anticipation of an 8:15 departure for Frogtown. I guess I'll try to resist my gag impulse and venture into the Star Tribune Opinion Section.


For more info on my practice of the Catholic Faith in general and St. Agnes in particular, see this archived post


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