Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bloodbath Aftermath

Hi All!

I can't say I didn't expect it, but I'm still bummed out.

There is really just one bright spot -- if Pawlenty holds on, we will at least have a check on the otherwise unbridled power the DFL would have had with Mike "Booby" Hatch. I expect the Governor's office to stock up on veto pens.

I was rather shocked to see Kiffmeyer and Anderson fall. Auditor and Secretary of State are offices that almost always retain the incumbents until they quit. The general electorate is not very up to speed on these races.

It proves to me that the vote was anti-Republican more than anything else. Hatch was just a bit too unctious to just enough voters.

As Keith Ellison would say, "Allah Akbar"!

So Minnesota fell hard. The rest of the country was not quite as overwhelmed by the blue tide and maybe the slim Democrat majority in the House and possibly, Senate will make such asses of themselves that things will go better for the Republicans in 2008.

After all, this election was not for Democrats. It was against Republicans in general and GW in particular. Hardly a mandate.



PS. Obi Sium did as expected, that is, not well. Gee if that lowlife hadn't have stolen his sign from my yard he might have pulled it out! <----Sarcasm.


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