Sunday, November 12, 2006

Doug Grows on You

Hi All!

Red Star columnist Doug Grow managed to pull a spot-on commentary out of his backside today. Link to follow.

Other than the gratuitous and obligatory swipe at Christians and hunters, the old lefty Doug proved that even with HIS blinders on, he recognizes the new DFL Senate Majority Leader for what I have always called him, Larry, "The Prick" Pogemiller, or the "Prick Poguey"

Smuggest, smarmiest egomanic since Mike Hatch, but nicer on outside and meaner on inside.

As a recently disenfranchised GOPer, I have to thank the DFL caucus for tossing this can of lighter fluid into the bonfire.

Now I shall leave for Mass and repent.

Here is the article:


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