Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gay is OK

Hi All!

Going where man fear tread is what this writing is.

Never stopped me before, so here goes.

There might be many "that's what they all say"s coming up that I will cover them all with this disclaimer. I am being perfectly honest and not making anything up.

I don't have any problem with gay people (see disclaimer). Some of my best friends and favorite relatives are gay.

I DO have problems with people who get in my face about being either a "victim" or "superior". Take your pick, many times those two terms are fudged together. As a fat old white guy I am the devil incarnate to these whiners.

I no sooner suffer the Out Front people than CAIR or the NAACP or Radical Religious Evangelicals or ANY radical religous -- don't get me started on MADD or I'll really get upset.

Just do your thing and leave me alone, sez I.

So here is a funny story.

Recently I was taking lunch on "Boneless Thursday" or as I like to call it, "Democrat Day" at Buffalo Wild Wings. Even at the discounted price, these Rock Cornish Game Hen parts are a gyp (oops!).

I used to go quite regularly a couple of years ago and it is amazing the employee retention rate they have -- must pay pretty well -- I hope they get BW2 stock options as that has multiplied muchly over the past 18 months.

When I was living at the half-way house on my journey home from My Year In Hell I used to drink cranberry juice and play trivia at Fabulous Fern's which was in the neighborhood.

One night I observed the manager of my BW2 in the company of girlfriend. The manager is openly gay and frankly would even make for an unattractive man with bad tattoos. Her friend was a drop-dead-gorgeous blond. I chatted them up and we were friends from then on.

Back to the recent past, my server closely resembles the manager but is built more like a fullback than a bowling ball.

It was deadsville after the afternoon rush and I was the only customer for awhile until a couple sat nearby. At first I thought they were brother and sister but damned if the brother didn't have that tattoo thing going.

The manager and the server and the couple got together for a good chit chat.

I wrestled in my mind whether to come up with the line that occurred to me. How would it "play"?

Ah hell - at the risk of being banned forever I interrupted the conversation to ask,

"Geez, am I the only straight here?"

Laughter and friendship all around.

We all felt a lot more comfortable, I'm sure. Of course, one must very carefully apprise the situation before tossing out a line like that, but I knew I had a better than even chance of not getting dragged out to the alley.



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