Monday, November 27, 2006

Googled Spam

Hi All!

Perhaps you've heard of Google. Who woulda thunk that such a creature could emerge from the horde of like-thinking internet visioneers?

Gotta love 'em.

David Microsoft getting invited to dine with Goliath IBM and end up eating Goliath for lunch.

An early Microsoft investor would own his or her own island and a private jet (I bet the farm on Wang, when I had a farm to bet, but was not irrational at the time -- by now I would at least have had a ranch).

Microsoft took awhile to dine. Goggle skipped right on to dessert in a much shorter and more profitable time.

And I bet the meager funds left in my ravaged IRA on eBay. Missed the boat again, I did (well, it's doubled in 5 years which I guess is good, but when you didn't have much to start with...)

I use Google mail which is so much better than the many other things I've tried previously. What's cool is what I DON'T get from Google, which is SPAM!

It is under the radar usually, but when I happen to glance at my in-boxes and see that SPAM has 1114 entries in the last month, I say a silent prayer of thanks to the Gods of Google.

For giggles, I looked at the email that the spam filter trapped, assuming that there might be some wheat discarded with the chaff.

Nope, wheat free, 100 chaff.

Thanks, Google.

Wish I'd bought that ridiculously overpriced initial offering... Wouldn't need insurance for a new liver... sigh.



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