Sunday, November 12, 2006

Live Blogging or Life Blogging or McLuhan?

Hi All!

I truly have not been home most of today but for some weird reason my every entrance to Schloss Kuettel has come with a compulsion to blog sump'n

Now where were we. Oh yeah. After Mass and Backstreet had the pregame time to fill which was supposed to be laying in a supply of cheap T.P. at Wal*Mart but succumbed to the lure of Buzztime Triva and Jimmy's in Vadnais Heights. $1 bowls of chile and $2 cheeboogers and the best hot cider this side of Vermont? What's to keep one away?

Meant to get home for the game but I was on a trivia roll, piling up bonus points and such and then the game started and "Gnome", the aptly named triva grand master showed up and started smok'n me and then I finally left during the second quarter with the Vi-queens up 14-10

Hard to avoid finding out how the game turned out, but I am pleased to report that I last watched it per the previous paragraph.

I guess the 'Queens got packed by the Spankers -- er, spanked by the Packers!

Apparently the only thing worse than a 37-year-old QB who the Vikings have OWNED over the years is a 38-year-old with a ridiculously, hideously, scandalously overpaid front line that couldn't block me with my walker.

Well, the thing is, I channel surfed to our local PBS during the half-time and got totally hooked by and absorbed into a probably 10-year-old "American Experience" documentary on the Kennedys.

The waves of emotion, from the outrage of hindsight as to how the dynasty was established by old Joe, to the incredible shock and sadness I experienced as a 2nd grader on 11/22/63...

I cried a lot. At the same time, I was amazed by the stuff "those in power" could get away with in those days.

I wonder if this coming-to-be of the vision of Marshall McLuhan, what with instantaneous communications and bloggers and all, hasn't spoiled all the fun.

I wonder more, whether the fun should be spoiled. Great leaders did great things without an anal probe. Had their dark underbellies been exposed the way public figures are "outed" today, what strong, purposeful, destiny-ordained, yet flawed (as in "human an fallible) historical figures would have been buried by scandal either before or after they gained the power to change World Events?

Conflicted, I am.

When I got into politics my family and friends treated me as if I was dropping a lucrative and cozy career for a job as junior salesman at a used car lot.

I later learned that the opposition had "vetted" me thoroughly and I came up depressingly (to them) clean. Of course, my principal failing was still hidden safely in the desk drawer at the time.

When I was more serious about running again this year than anyone believed, I was hoping that my failings would make news and draw attention to a quixotic last campaign.

Can't get that urge out of my blood. I hereby direct my survivors to post "Kuettel, A Practical Appoach to Government" signs outside the mortuary, the church and the cemetery.

Scroll down a few posts to my lawnsign picture and click it to blow it up. You will see what a nifty, thrifty, "practical" way it was designed. I could recycle those 1000-some that rest in my garage for just about any political office. The "54" DID refer to the Senate district, of which I was running for one of two House seats.

"Car 54 Where Are You?"

Get it?

If I get a liver transplant and feel like taking up the cudgel again, them old signs will still work. And my '72 yellow Bug will still run better than me.

Where was I going with this?

Lasagna in the oven, voice messages to the other 4 in the family to be here by six.

Oh yeah, THAT's where I'm going with this.

So I guess I will walk away from this "Liveblog" series and pray that I can draw enough of a crowd to end up with meager leftovers.



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