Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Post Election Thoughts

Hi All!

Much commentary today from the pundits -- this emerging observation is right on the money:

Conservatism didn't lose yesterday. The current Republican Party lost. Why? Because the intoxicating arrogance of power that built up since the 1994 revolution corrupted, as arrogance of power generally does.

I and many hope that this will mark a return to conservative core principles that are shared by a great majority of Americans.

The Democrats ran on nothing against Nothing. There is a wide open opportunity for Republicans to rediscover their purpose in time for 2008. Until then, the Democrats, against their strongest instincts, won't try anything stupid.

Much of the Democrat gain was with moderate candidates who sounded more like Ronald Reagan than John Kerry. As dumb as they are, I think the Democrats "get it."

The massive shift in tide starting with Ronaldus Maximus as not ebbed. The Republicans lost because they acted more like traditional free-spending Democrats than tough, principled Reaganites.

On another note, the story of a shoe-in candidate's husband gotten collared for stealing opponent signs brought the Obi sign theft from my property back up into my craw. I guess I am oversensitive remembering all the pointless vandalism and theft that occurred with my signs back when I ran my futile races.

This simply did not happen to my opponent's signs.

If it weren't for the pesky 1st Amendment, I'd like to see political lawn signs (and negative ads) banned forever. What do these things do except appeal to simple, unifnormed minds?

Well, time to get of the soapbox and back to the endless chore of excavating 20 years of accumulation from the garage.

The sun will rise tomorrow and the the world won't be all that different.



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