Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi All!

My good friend and pioneer blogger Mitch Berg posted an entry dear to my heart. I have neither the moral nor legal excuse for pointing out the abuse on civil liberties of MADD. Well, I do, but for now I'll let Mitch dissemble a Strib editorial highlighted thus.

Mitch used the most wonderful, near-forgotten term, "phumphing." I am not gonna look it up because I know I remember it well from my juvenile reading of British authors.

The context in which Berg used it pretty much self-defined it, when presented it, "The Strib - which sniffs and phumphers..."

I think I will just quit writing. If Mitch doesn't make any money off his exceptional talents, of which writing is but one, I got no shot.

Even in the dark.

Read Mitch. The Capt'n and Powertrip got nothin' on Shot in the Dark!

Well, at least you can READ Mitch and Wog without getting a busy signal ;-)

Laura's 48th tomorrow. Have a big surprise planned involving a pink monkey. The secret is safe with you readers as she never reads my stuff. Will report fully on completion of prank.


PS. It's a lot of work finding phumphing. Webster's haven't heard of it, even.

I'm gonna stand on my position that it IS a word. Used. Somewhere. By someone. God I'm not gonna sleep tonight.


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