Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gas is a Blast

Hi All!

The news seems to be that those silly hybrid cars and E85 are for suckers. Don't get me started on biodiesel.

Bad a effing nuff that we have to force 10% corn squeez'ns down the throats of our gas tanks, but my less and less favorite Governor, Timid, Tiny Tim, is embracing all this alt-fuel bull crap.

Oh, and now we learn that cow farts contribute more to the myth of "Glowbawl Warrrrrming" than we puny ants cruising around on an infinite supply of natural fuel that God has given us.

I saw a Prius in a parking lot today. Looked to be in pretty rough shape. The back window was 50 percent obscured with Lefty stickers, y'know, "Wellstone!" "Kerry!" and the others that mean the following car to observe how damned enlightened the idiot cell-phone nattering airhead ahead, who can't see him/her out of the rear view mirror for all the stickers, um, is.



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