Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Great Bit of Writing

Hi All!

I use a nifty feature of Google that sends a daily list of references to whatever key words you want to use.

One of mine is "Kuettel" where I learn what identically named and probably somehow related newsmakers such as a ski jumper, a chef and a NASCAR crew chief are up to.

Another is "Liver Transplant" in which I have an obvious and urgent interest. Sometimes you will be surprised at what turns up.

For example, a few days ago I reworked and published a list of Democratic Inuaguration Night events. The passage ended up being "found" by Google and appearing on my next day's "Liver Transplant" email because my post contained those words in relation to Teddy Kennedy.

Today I found a great piece of writing. I sometimes have trouble watching "House" or "ER" on HDTV as they go into the operating room and do some pretty convincing surgery.

The passage I am going to lead you to is harder to read than those shows are to watch, but my what writing!

Unforuntately, it is heavily annotated by the blogger who doesn't cite the author. You have to scroll through half the post until you get to the part with a lot of red characters -- the beginning is a discussion of literature professors and is sort of skip-able.

Well, here it is. Hope you enjoy it:



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