Thursday, December 07, 2006

"If I could live over again I'd change every single thing I've ever done." Ray Davies

Hi All!

No, I am not retiring this one. The creative genius of the "Kinks' frontman" Ray Davies, leavened with the raw emotion of his little brother Dave has entertained me for years.

Tonight on VH1 there will air a "lost" BBC program featuring the Kinks Christmas Show of 1977, when they were fully in the middle of their long and continuing prime.

To say that Ray Davies is a sardonic wit, light years ahead of any other pop/punk/rock song writer is damning him with right faint praise.

Some day soon I will figure out how to link to music clips -- I know there are ones of "Father Christmas" on YouTube but they are of wretched quality. Perhaps someone will cop tonight's VH1 showing and put the viddy up soon, in which case my readers will be directed to check it out.

For now, here be the lyric of it. As in all good songs, the music is important and vastly improves the experience of hearing the words, but what can I say?

If you are intriqued, here is the awful quality YouTube clip:

PS. Just spent 35 minutes on hold with Comcrapst to learn that $50/mo. don't get me VH1-"Classic" so I guess the clip is all we have to enjoy. Bastards.


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