Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Manic Wednesday Confirmed.

Hi All!

This is it! I am through posting today because things are too weird.

A loyal reader might remember my little "bits 'n pieces" experiments which I call "Jaegerschotz." as a sort of offhand reference to the expensive RedBull + Jaergermeister concoction that the youngsters like to drink and sink.

As I was reading my Google e-mail, an ad caught me eye. There is a site called
which refers one to a place to find this delicious alcoholic drink in your town.

From there, I went to the website of the Blarney Pub in Minneapolis, of which I hadn't or needn't of heard and checked out their events calendar, where I found the following promotion and I'm goin':

"'Holiday' is a hook-based high-energy, alternative poop band based out of Minneapolis. Holiday took first place in the 2005 cities97 Basilica Block compettition. They will be here at Blarney the next two wednesdays with an Unplugged version of their high-energy show."


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