Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Manic Wednesday?

Hi All!

I am "noticing" stuff today which usually means that my meds are out of balance, although the number of trips to the littlest room in the house confirm that at least the laxative is working....

From what I am given to understand about the report that was released today, I am sickened in my heart.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,”Churchill said, “hoping it will eat him last.”

Rush Limbaugh summed up what I and many feel about the "Surrender Report" that came out today. He closed his show thus:

"Folks, I'll be back tomorrow after I throw up."

Now I have another link for you, which is the best commentary on the flying Imams ever printed.

You might have to register your email address to read it, but it is worth the effort.



Blogger George Nielsen said...

The article about the flying imams was very interesting. It is obvious that this was a provocation.

This makes me wonder: why did the MAS back the imams? If they want to be accepted in society then they will have to address the concerns of the public and not act provocatively.

In this context I have been wondering why the Islamic clerical establishment does not denounce terrrorism and murder committed or threatended, perpetrated by Muslims in the name of God. Its silence is very loud. That is why Islam has in many people's minds become synonymous with terror, throat cutting and slaughter. If Catholics acted in a similar manner in the name of God they would risk excommunication by the Vatican, would they not?

On the subject of the cartoons on the Prophet, imams in Denmark have been telling the Danish public that they buried the hatchet, while at the same time they went to Islamic countries and poured fuel on the fire. And in the Netherlands muslims have killed and threatened to kill known people in the name of Islam. People of that faith should realise that such acts do not endear them to the public unless they are denounced categorically by their hierarchy or clerical establishment.

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