Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Roseville Schools Election Scandal!

Hi All!

I came across a disturbing article in the Stib which reported on a disputed election for Student Council and Central Park Elementary School.

The link to the article : http://www.startribune.com/1592/story/864386.html

An enterprising young 11-year old, Jasmine, passed out fortune cookies which contained paper strips reading, "Vote for Jasmine for President."

Both Jasmine and her opponent, Willaim, also had posters, paper buttons and gave speeches.

When Jasmine won, William's parents cried foul, citing the cookies as an unfair financial advantage!

The ever-creative "school officials" decided to have "co-presidents" to make sure there was no winner or loser.

Enter Jasmine's parents who seem to think elections matter and took the case to the School Board. I will have to follow up to find out what happened.

Obviously, Jasmine must be a Rascally Republican and William a Sore-Loser-Liberal.

Shame on both sets of parents for making a big deal about it. The kids were fine with calling it a draw.

Another thing that jumped out at me from the article is the many highly paid administrators that were involved in the case. There was the principal, an assistant superintendent and a district spokesperson, as well as the school board.

We just aren't spending enough on education, are we?



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