Saturday, January 06, 2007

Falling Up or Falling Down?

Hi All!

With that good question, I commence another year of crying out in the wilderness in cyberspace.

I worked hard at getting some traction for wogsblog this year, including shameless promotion. Despite a blip or two, no more than 20-40 a per day even spend 0:00 minutes reading my stuff (as you might know, I can track such things) and have found that some of the longest visits have been from persons who are upset by what I write.

Comments are few and far between, and seldom inspiring, or even maddening, for that matter.

I am more determined than ever to keep writing and getting better at it for as long as I can. Even if wogsblog continues to be an atom in the universe of blogs, at least I am getting the therapeutic benefit of thinking and writing things down, any few words of which connect with someone and make this a "legacy."

On the recent demise of the great actor Peter Boyle, I tried to find a place to rent a 1970 movie he starred in called "Joe."

What made me remember that very harsh movie were various contacts with the "new public" in the inner cities of St Paul and Minneapolis this week, related to trying to get my kid's license re-instated.

As un-PC as this is, a decent native Minnesotan could not but be at least a bit miffed, if not totally pissed off to enter a license exam station and face a 3-hour line of Somalis. If you don't believe me, if you think I am showing some sort of "racist stripes" that I truly have fought to resist since grade school, just go to Midway Center on University and Snelling and peek in the door. I think I'll go back and bring a camera.

There is a very long and even more aggravating plot to this. Suffice it for now to say that we gave up waiting for the test and tried again at a new test center in Minneapolis at the World Market, and it was much more efficient, albeit 99.9% immigrant and Alex proceeded to whip carelessly and confidently through the test and fail at 69%.

I gotta quit here. There is so much more to this story, which started when Alex drove a moped without sunglasses. The nightmare continues, and it ain't about the test, it's about insurance.

Well, "Joe" is not stocked around here, but I was able to rent my second choice, "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas as a recently fired professional whose day went from bad to worse.

Perverse that I want to watch something like "Joe" or "Falling Down"? No, I consider it a safety valve -- let the actors act out what you would fantasize doing yourself.

More to this wacky weekend. My blogger friend Mitch (thousands of hits/day so I am not even gonna tell you to check out likes to tantalize with hints at momentous events in his personal life without ever spilling the beans.

Having learned from the Master, I will only say that from Thursday to Today (Saturday) much has been falling down.

At least I can say that something fell up. I saw the transplant doctor and I am back in the evaluation system, having effed-up my first go at it over a year ago.

I am still drawing breath and mostly upbeat. The tests start in earnest come April. I WILL make it to that appointment.



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