Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Last Thing to Go?

Hi All!

Having fairly well emerged from the latest total mind and health trough, I am brimming with enough posting material to require an extra dose of lactulose, which is what the liver-impaired use to flush the ammonia out before it gets to the brain.

Encephalopathy is the medical term for it. I call it light-headed mania. A free and easy high.

My doctor warned that by the time I know I am encephalitic, I really won't know because I will be in a coma. Unlike Global Warming, I believe this one, as there is ample hard science to support it. And I have internet-met a few who have been to that scary place. The good part is that most people come out of it -- for what, well that is a different question. Ya still gots the dying liver and that danged permanent brain damage, so I guess I ain't gonna tempt fate.

Another symptom besides mania and light-headedness is forgetting to take the meds. Excuse me for a moment while I run upstairs and quaff a couple of tablespoons.

Ah, that should hold me.

So as I wait for the syrup to kick in and totally liquefy my frequent stools, I will sneak in a couple of observations.

I shouldn't be alive. Natural Selection, "Evolution" if you will, has weeded out my less hardy ancestors. Wars and such have robbed the gene pool so we only ever live to 100 or so nowadays. Modern medical science has preserved my bacon well past expiration date, and I had a pretty good set of genes to start with -- except that darned addiction gene.

Do I believe in the Theory of Evolution? You bet! Did Darwin come up with it? Seems so. But who came up with Darwin? This is not a post about Intelligent Design, but if anyone could have come up with THAT, well, that'd be God, IMHO.

In ruminating further about why I blog, a topic already discussed heretofore, I must add that it is hard to know oneself and once you do you won't like it.

I've got a big mouth, and by extension, itchy keyboard fingers.

The more I have been told or realized this for myself since, oh, second grade at St. Mark's, the more I realize that I really can't change in this regard.

So be it.

When my ashes are strewn over the lake, I'll bet a wisp of a breeze will gently lift some up ande and form a Cheshire Cat grin sort of eerie halo in the morning mist.

Well, it's a nice thought. For I know, when I go, the brain-mouth collaboration will go last.

OOPS! Gotta "go o o o o ".



Blogger lloydletta said...

Paul, nice seeing you at the E Democracy event last night. Stopped by to say hello.

10:34 AM  

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