Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Arrogance of Power

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Now that Price is out of my system for now, and my blog traffic had it's best few days since its inception in 4/2004, I will probably chase half of my new audience away with this post.

For some reason, it is assumed that one who loves hard rock, punk and Britpop, etc. cannot possibly be a Republican. What they ignore is that many of we Republicans have a strong Libertarian bent. All the right-wing talk shows I have ever heard use hard driving chords and lyrics as bumpers and parody songs. So it is not a stretch that a conservative like me and millions of others can love such as Prince.

Being Arrogant and Powerful is OK when you are an entertainer, and Prince could certainly be adjudged to fit the bill. That's ok for a performer.

It is NOT OK for a politician who claims to work in the best interests of the USA.

When I first entered politics in 1994 as a candidate for the Minnesota House, one of the first pieces of advice that I took to heart and hold to this day was given my political mentor Speaker Steve Sviggum. He told us rookies that if we were lucky enough to be elected, that we must be very aware the temptation to embrace the arrogance of power.

I tried twice and didn't quite make it. I DID work for the Speaker for a quick cup of coffee and I observed what happens first hand.

Many if not most politicians bring arrogance into office with them. What disturbed me was seeing newcomers who I knew from running fall into the trap, losing their fervor and looking askance at their principles.

Arrogance of Power gave control of the US Congress to the Democrats. It damned near makes me weep to see what became of the Party of Reagan and the Contract With America of Gingrich.

I know there will be many who disagree, but neither of those guys were arrogant. Reagan was free of it. Newt appeared to be arrogant by being brave and forceful and politically courageous. I'm not sure if that's arrogance or selflessness.

The best example of what is to me, the most uncxious expressions of political arrogance are Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is demanding an Air Force One-type of plane to ferry her entourage across country from D.C. to San Francisco. She is asking for 42 business class seats, a meeting room a state room and 14 crewmembers. FOURTEEN for 42? The way I figure is that you need two pilots, so the rest would be cabin staff at a ratio of less than 4 to 1.

To get this, she is reported to have threatened military funding if she doesn't get her jet.

After 9/11 the Speaker got a jet and Hastert and DeLay certainly used it. But it was far more modest, in keeping with the lesser position than the President and Vice President.

I won't supply example for Madame Clinton who lives and breathes arrogance. To think this woman has a better than even chance of being the next president scares the crap out me. Maybe it WON'T be so dad for my liver disease to take its course soon -- I can't imagine living in my country with a venal imperialist plotter.



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