Friday, February 23, 2007

Early Adopter - I'm for Rudy

Hi All!

It pains me no end that the next president will take office in 2009 and we already have to start lining up behind candidates.

The first candidate that I ever worked seriously and meaningfully for was Ross Perot. Maybe if he didn't go nuts he may have won -- I really thought he was just what the country needed. As it is, I sat at a somber Perot election night event and watched my man hand over the country to the Team Slick Willarly Rodham-Clinton for 8 endless years.

But times change and the election cycle has come to 24/7/365 , so I might as well get behind someone.

Of the announced and potentials, I would rank my gut preference in this order: Gingrich, Tancredo, Romney, Guiliani, McCain, Brownback, Hagel.

The Perot experience taught me that it is more important to win than to be the best choice. So I have officially signed on with Rudy, which is no more than filling out a web form and prepare for the avalanche of run-raising mail, calls and emails. Unfortunately for Rudy, all I have to offer is my best personal regards and the quite disputable power and reach of my influence on the electorate.

So much can change in the next 20 months, including my body assuming room temperature.

So with the grim reaper stalking me, I need to move fast. Rudy is my man.

If I am around for election day and any Democrat wins, I will be sad for staying alive for nothing.



Blogger Ben said...

You should look into Duncan Hunter.

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