Monday, February 05, 2007

Last Prince Super Bowl Post - "Promise"

Hi All!

I have spent a few hours reading dozens of reviews on news and blog sites and no one article "noticed" everything I did.

For example, when the billowing sheet created that big silhouette and Prince strick a particular pose with the guitar I wondered aloud whether he hadn't put one over on the censors.

I predict that this "naughty bit" will become bigger news as the day goes on. I'd like to think it was totally intentional -- that would be just like Prince.

Here is the full halftime show.

By the way, few seemed to have noticed that the opening chords of "1999" led into "Baby I'm a Star." I still kinda wonder about the 3 minute Foo Fighter cover, good as it was.

Of the many reviews I've seen, this is the best play-by-play coverage -- seriously, check it out.

Oh, and a great photo montage with another link to the full video.



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