Thursday, February 08, 2007

Prince Really DOES Hold his Guitar That Way

Hi All!

I am still bummed that some "Universal Publishing Group" has scoured the halftime show off the face of the internet. And the commerical. And the press conference. Cheap bastards. Cheap bastard Prince?

Well here is a neat video from the R&R Hall of Fame Awards where Prince displays the way he often holds his guitar. I still think he pulled a fast one, but maybe it was just an unfortunate shadow.

If you just want to see the "move" point the slider to 2:25 and you will see just how "naughty" the silhouette really was. Much ado about nothing.

And at the very end he does that "throw the guitar to a roadie" thing. Silly me thought he was upset when he did it at halftime, but if that was his "real" glyph guitar it is at least 20 years old and worth a mint.

I guess if Prince wants to hoard the video which I'm sure we will be able to pay for soon that he probably would be too cheap to throw away a perfectly good , rare antique

If you are one of the 10 or so people left who hasn't watched a YouTube video, here are detailed instructions:

1. If you use dial-up stop right here unless you are going to the mall for a couple of hours. For broadband, continue.

2. Press the big right pointing triangle-thingy in the middle of the picture to start loading.

3. If the videe plays straight away without interruption, congratulate your Internet Service Provider and enjoy. If the red line as not staying ahead of the slider and things are stop and go, press the pause button (II) and wait until the red progress report is far ahead. Then press play.

4. To quit, just press pause and go somewhere else.

5. To jump to a spot, like 2:25 (remaining) move the slider with your mouse.

This is my first shot at embedding a video in a blog post, so forgive me if it doesn't work and let me know in the comment section, would you?

Note on the video the excitement on Dani Harrison's face as Prince does justice to dad George, the late great Beatle's great song. I think Clapton actually did the solo on the original but George was a great guitar player in his own right.

And another pretty good mini-superbowl performance at the Grammys with some singer named Beyonce... and isn't that the Prince wannabe Justin Timberlake shown applauding at the very end?



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