Monday, March 12, 2007

Eco-Environmentalist Fundamentalists

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"Modern environmentalists sound like either Old Testament doomcriers or New Age missionaries, worshipping nature as if it were a wholly benign force, a veritable Garden of Eden threatened only by human snakes in the grass."
Suzanne Fields.

Yes, the Environmental Movement has morphed into a new religion, on a par with Evangelicals. Of course, that's unfair to Evangelicals -- they share the God that most of us worship.

It's frightening how quickly such a huge number of otherwise rational people have flocked to this new altar. It shows how simple and malleable most of us are. Most people seem to like to be afraid of things. Sure seems as though that makes life unpleasant. Many fears are well-founded and valid. The Global Warming (GW) hysteria is a phenomenon cooked up by left-wing politicians and activist groups who are using the fear they've created to press their political agenda.

To me, that's scary.

I believe the research that illustrate the truly harmful unintended consequences of greenhouse gas reduction, such as great economic harm and human catastrophy in the Third World.

It is said that GW is "proven fact" by scientific consesus. Science is not a discipline that accepts consensus. Consensus is a political term. And the politics of GW are based on scaring enough simple folk to vote Democrat and increase their suddenly rising power.

At least a few regular readers will notice that I have periods where I am too sick, depressed or distracted to write. And when I force myself just to put out something new, like this entry, it's not very good. I apologize. Some days I wonder if my muse has left me for good.



Anonymous Vlad X. said...

Whaddya talking about, this post was good. Better than 90% of the many blogs I read. Keep it up buddy.

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