Sunday, May 20, 2007

Speaking of Addled, Mean Old Men

Hi All!

Carter is a crude Bush hater. Garry K is manages to surround his hate with wry humour and sarcasm, and a waste of his estimable writing talents. Today's frothing in the Strib was particularly good -- if you appreciate good writing. The message sucked as it does each and every week.

I'd link to it but the Old Scout won't let the Strib put his writing on it's website.

I used to love the Old Scout in the days of his Prairie Home Morning Show, I have autographed copies of his first three best sellers.

I'd much rather read about Ole' spraying Yahooah sauce on a pesky squirrel.

Turns out the pesky squirrel has grown up to be bitter, grumpy old millionaire Garrison Keillor.



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