Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Posthumous Post for a Long Draft?

Hi All!

Fear not. Unless I crap my liver out or get hit by a bus, I am very much invested in living as long a life as I can stretch it.

I don't know where to start about what a whipsaw last 10 days I have survived. Incredible coincidences, painful personal issues, health (as always) and all the rest.

Late last night and early this morning I started pouring out the true and detailed painful details of my misdeeds.

With uncharacteristic restraint, I saved it as a draft instead of pouncing on the "Publish Post" icon.

It is inspired by something I share with Senator Jim Metzen, President of the Minnesota Senate. His buddy lawyer got him off easy on a really obvious and stupid DWI (aren't they all?)
He is the best DWI lawyer in town -- doesn't even need to advertise - and is selective with referrals.

Metzen probably got pro bono advice from this certain DFL-activist lawyer, whose nickname rhymes with "Pogo." with a lot of Polish at the end of the real last name. I dare not say more for fear of getting hit with a libel suit.

My inheritance was hit for several thousands and I got not the slightest break from the harshest sentence prescribed by law. Total waste of money. For all his non-effort, I figured he made $1000/hour doing nothing to help me at all. I spend a year in hell and nearly lost everything precious to me.

In reading the draft, I am torn. Should I let it all hang out now or keep pecking away with instructions to my survivors to publish the stories or just let go? I know I should, but certain unbelievable incidents are permanently laser inscribed on my brain.

Funny how it is so much easier to remember the bad stuff and forget all the good stuff.

By starting to pour out the pain, I don't know if it will help or hurt, as I feel myself once again wildly careening down the road to Destiny. I never have been able to successfully negotiate the the sharp curve on the edge of the cliff, but like a bad penny, have always crawled away from the wreckage to sin another day.

This time I am determined to take a racer's line with proper braking, turning and acceleration out of that curve. I know I can do it, but I always think that.

I saw a commercial on cable last night that showed a grainy old film of a toddler carefully washing and waxing a kid-sized 70's era Mercedes SL convertible with silver paint and red interior.

Captivated, I waited for the punch line, which was, "You know you've always wanted one." Krikey! The Juneteenth synchronicity in the last 10 days. It was an ad for "pre-owned" Mercedes.

I am buying a near mint 1974 450SL sedan with silver paint and a red interior.

To pay for it, I have put my best friend in life, my 1972 Beetle, on eBay and expect to get more for that than I will steal this Benz for. A 36-year relationship that I am willing to walk away from. You only live once and you can't take it with you.

This will be my penultimate auto purchase after over 60+ cars I have owned during my life.

But I thought that about the "Arrest Me Red" supercar I drove for 2 days and twelve miles before it was seized 3 blocks from home. It ended up with a police auction buyer who let it rot. I still know where it is, but I will never sit in those racing seats with racing seatbelts, short shifter, turbo, fire extinguisher, $2000 of ghetto blaster audio ............. Ah, just go HERE if you haven't done so sooner. More gory details there. At least I had it long enough to immortalize it in photography!

Is that all the coincidence that has happened? No, almost a sidelight compared with some of the other good and bad shit that I have been hit with lately.

One of my closest friends messed himself up on a dirt bike several years ago. This past weekend, his guts blew out and he has had several abdominal surgeries and should, but might not make it.

And all I have is a lousy case of cirrhosis.

Will the I finally nail the line and whip through this curve? Destiny will dictate the answer.



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