Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beetle Bug'n

Hi All!

I've been giving my 36-year companion a good workout and detailing the heck out of it. The 20-something-year-old re-paint is starting to crack and craze a bit, but it still looks damned good and runs like a young colt.

Funny, perhaps, that I never named my Bug or given it a sex. The sex part is easy, as the German word for car starts with Der, as in "Der Volkswagen", not Die or Das, so cars are masculine.

Never was inspired to give it a name other than "The Beetle." That's what it is, a conglomeration of parts, not a "Herbie."

During my brief flirtation with the Mercedes, I could not help but notice that the instrument cluster illumination was lacking, which was a bit disconerting on a late night drive as I couldn't read me speed.

Last night as I tooled around with The Beetle it struck me that the simple little instrument cluster still lit up at night, by one tiny 36-year-old bulb.

Of the dozens of German cars (really, several dozens, believe it or not -- you can ask my family) There were always instrumentation bulbs that were out and a royal pain to replace.

A typical Merkur Scorpio has about 8 bulbs in it's large and comprehensive cluster. The oldest Merkur is a 19-year-old young adult compared to the middle aged Texas Yellow cute little bundle of go go fun.

Why did I remark at that last night? I wish I handn't 'cos tonight the bulb burned out.

If I was into symbolism, that would be pretty heavy, but I know how to replace it with a fitty-cent part that doesn't require dismantling the dash.

The simpler cars -- and life -- can be made, the easier the journey.

I don't regret losing that Mercedes...well, just a little.


PS. Click on the picture and get an eyeful -- I never know how these pictures will post but there is great detail and you can read a few interesting stickers -- note also the date on the license plate -- Minnesota let's you display the original year's plate once a car hits 30.


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