Sunday, July 08, 2007

Greatest Concert Ever on 7/7/07

Hi All!

I ain't talk'n about that joke called "Live Earth."

The alivest part of the earth was Minneapolis yesterday.

The little one and I arrived downtown at about 7:45 for the 8:30 show at Target Center.

We walked up to the doors and were told that we couldn't come in just yet. For the next hour an more, thousands lined up in the 95 degree heat and waited.

Not for me!

We went to Gluek's and enjoyed cold beverages, being mindful not to consume too much liquid as it would be no fun to have to "go" in the middle of the show -- especially up in the nose bleed section were our $80 tickets put us.

Went back outside. Bigger lines, limos, sirens and I even ran into Sid Hartman on Hennepin -- even HE couldn't get in early, maybe, else he was waiting to be shown to Glen Taylor's luxury suite. I greeted him and he grinned a bit and quickly turned away with quick "Thanks." I think I frightened him with my long hair and beard and large frame.

We next went to Butler square and sat in Champps for awhile and then on a bench in the lobby.

The doors finally opened at about 9:00 (concert scheduled for 8:30.

We out the window in air conditioned comfort and watched the endless line of mostly middle-aged white folk slowly march toward the doors.

When the lines were gone, we crossed the street and walked right in.

Thankfully, the A/C in the Target Center was amazing. I'll bet those Live Earth people would have a cow thinking of all the energy it took to keep 15,000 bodies cool!

We scaled up the side of the mountain to our near-the-ceiling seats.

It is SO steep and SO many steps, you can imagine how I huffed and puffed.

To worsen matters, we picked the wrong side of the row and had to try to maneuver the six inches of open space between the obviously put-upon fans that had to make way for my round frame. I had a slight dizzy spell and so damned near toppled into a fatal freefall but caught myself on the next row of seats. Our friends did nothing to help me get back up and into my seat.

After all the aggravation, we settled in and waited. The show started at 10:10, only 100 minutes late.

About thirty seconds into the show, ALL was forgiven and then some. Holy Shit!

I'll leave it to others to review in detail. All I can say that no superlative is adequate to describe the 2 hour show.

We waited for the crowd to disburse and called the eldest son for the ride home. No problems.

On the way out we each got a decent size bottle of Prince's new fragrance, "3121"

I doubt I will use my bottle. Made a nice gift for the wife, and the little one already reeks of it.

What a strange little man. What an incredible entertainer!


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