Monday, July 16, 2007

Hanging Out With the MOB

Hi All!

Shy guy that I am, I managed to screw up the courage to head to Keegans Irish Pub's outdoor patio last Saturday to stick my nose into an informal gathering of Minnesota bloggers great and small.

I got there earlyish and camped on a stool with a great vantage point for enjoying the show.

The primo location and my ample heft figured to exert some gravity on the assembled worthies, and indeed I met a few really great people. I am not gonna risk leaving anyone out by naming names but Speed Gibson bought me a libation -- and THAT's something a guy like me remembers!

The power tables were toward the middle where many local and national blogging celebs could be found smoking expensive cigars and radiating brain waves that almost hurt my own head!

I won't expound much more except to say that it was a great evening and it was nice to see and perhaps be seen and converse with the variegated members of the loosely organized, but very vital Minnesota Organization of Bloggers (the MOB).

Others have documented the event more thoroughly in words and pictures. Rather than do a bunch of links, one who might want to learn more could do no better than starting with Mitch Berg's "Shot in the Dark"

A nice photo montage gives a great overview of the event.



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