Friday, July 27, 2007

Whatever Happened To....

Hi All!

I have been thinking about all the chicken little scares and "big" trends that have been promulgated in my life. I will add to the list as I think more about it but I invite commenters to help me out, WOULD YA, COULD YA?

My archest critic has admonished my recently saying this blog is too much me me me. So here is a chance to be democratic and to solicit suggestions to:

Whatever Happened To...

The Population Bomb
Mutually Assured Destruction
The New Ice Age
The Fuel Crisis
Personal Responsibility
Ozone Holes
Silent Spring (DDT)
AIDS (I know, but the predictions were far more dire than needed be.)
Letting Lawns Go "Dormant" During A Drought

Ok, that's a small start. Please send me some ideas through comments or directly to me at


People with agendas have been feeding the gullible public such scary tripe forever, is seems.


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