Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to Annoy a Liberal

Hi All!

Why waste my talents preaching to the converted? My liberal friends should get a rise out of this, my front page story!


"An acquaintance asked me why on earth I would join The
American Legion. "Are you some sort of military nut?"
Well, if proudly and humbly associating with the men
and women who are living symbols of our defense of
freedom, I guess I am "nuts."

It is because of your sacrifices that America is the
bright, clear beacon of hope and freedom to those who
don't possess it.

I appreciate how much we owe to our men and women in
uniform today, as well as those who have already shed
blood for our freedom.

I have been most fortunate to have lived in times of
relative peace, when my service was not absolutely
required. It is because my forbearers fought evil in
both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam that I have lived
in relatively peaceful times.

Joining the Legion was a no-brainer for me. I wanted
to give something back, however modest.

It is up to all of us to strengthen our club by
spreading the word. If you know people who qualify,
recruit them to join or at least patronize the club
just as many of you were recruited to serve your

Step up and promote your club. Invite your friends and
relations to visit us for everyday food and beverages
and especially our frequent and fun events. Recommend
our wonderful hall to anyone planning a reception our
a meeting.

Patronize your club. Volunteer for events. Attend
meetings. Above all, spread the word.

I recently invited members of the Roseville Issues
Forum, an internet-based discussion group, to meet at
the club. 15 people, including City Council persons,
the City Manager and other local movers and shakers
and opinion leaders were introduced to us for the
first time and I heard many complements and admissions
that we did not fit their preconceptions of a Service

Too many people think of our clubhouses as dark and
dank rooms filled with cigarette smoke and smelling of
spilled beer, populated by lonely old souls who sit at
the bar and stare into space.

We need to disabuse these people of this notion and
the best way to do it is to invite them to visit, Our
place is warm and welcoming. We need to get the word

Don't hide your light under a bushel basket. We are
Legion Strong and Legion Proud. Don't take your club
for granted."

Take THAT, John Kerry lovers!



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