Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No, I 'm Not QUITE Dead Yet

Hi All!

I don't want to go in the cart. I'm feeling much better. I think I'll go for a walk!

The worst thing about my malady is constant and overwhelming fatigue. Makes me sad and frustrated that when I am inspired to work my ass off to clean up years of accumulated mess, I can't even take a box up the basement stairs without having to sit down and recover.

Ah well...

Despite another symptom, "Brain Fog" I can still get around and I can still think and play trivia and write. I am starting to scare myself with trivia. I have been #1 in the nation twice this month out of thousands all over the country. Which profits me nothing except a feeling of pride and the belief that brain cells need exercise as much as the rest of the body.

I haven't written much because I have taken on the job of newsletter editor for my American Legion Club. A young fellow who was brought up using PCs does the desktop publishing work. I am but a hack wordsmith and cub reporter.

Here is an example of my work for the September issue. It's enough to make a liberal gag.

The Bright Red Shirt

I recently spent some down time enjoying the lakes and woods of NW Wisconsin. I happened to be proudly wearing my bright red Rosetown t-shirt one afternoon, when I stopped by a small tavern for a pit stop. There were about a dozen folks there and I got the typical once-over looks that one gets when a stranger shows up. I ordered a beverage and stared at the TV.

When my thirst was quenched, I was preparing to leave when a fellow a few seats away asked if I was "really" a Legion member. I affirmed that I was a SAL (Son of American Legion) and the ball was rolling. What had been a quick stop became a 3 hour non-stop conversation with a half-dozen folks with Legion ties.

Paul, a Vietnam vet complained that the Army supplied WWII C-rations to the soldiers in the field and told the story of how everyone learned to cram every available bit of edible food into their sacks while on base, because one deployed there were few that could willingly choke down those old C-rations. He was a member at Forest Lake and recommended the Hugo club for great food and drink. I told him that Rosetown isn't too shabby either!

Hal, a WWII vet, pointed outside to his mint 1958 T-Bird 4-door convertible. He was a member in Prior Lake for many years and finally sold the family farm for a park. With some of the proceeds he had invested $35 thousand to acquire his dream car. Unfortunately, his enjoyment of it was delayed when the car crushed one whole side of his body while being unloaded from the transport. Arm, leg, ribs and head were cracked. His fortune will likely increase when the lawyer is done settling with the shipping firm.

Terry said she had been an Auxiliary member at guess where? No place other than Rosetown, where she claims to have come for 40 years before moving north. I regret not having gotten her last name. I also met spouses and girl/boyfirends. I came away very happy to have shared so many great conversations, just as if I were at Rosetown. It was all because of my bright red Rosetown Legion t-shirt.



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