Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Secret of Sparse Blog Traffic

Hi All!

As I have said in the past, if you want to "get" my blog, read the quotes at the top of the page. Tonight a highly respected old acquaintance and newer friend told me he has a hard time reading me because he gets too depressed.

That may have been the icing on a cake that many others have built with their criticism of this experiment in existential, honest laying open of my life and my cynical opinions.

I have quit before, but I ain't gonna quit now. If you click on my grade school self-portrait you will see why my dad discouraged me from doing "art".

If you want Hints from Heloise or Stuart (Al Franken)'s daily affirmations, just go somewhere else.

Life sucks, mostly. Less for some, more for others. I fall somewhere in the middle. I REALLY DO face life with optimism -- I am convinced that I wouldn't be alive if I didn't grasp at the many straws of happiness that hover over me every day. Heck, my kid mowed the front lawn unbidden between monsoons.

Another kid hauled a crap load of books out of the basement at dumped them at Half-Price Books for the royal sum of $10. But we are rid of them. All the years of accumulated possessions stacked floor to ceiling in places like garages and basements could be wiped out overnight. Nature don't discriminate, so collectibles and keepsakes be damned.

When I read about people plunging to their deaths on a collapsing bridge or swept away by an invisible road wash out, I feel lucky and very selfish for wearing my hair shirt.

I am going to try to steer my blog toward sunnier climes.

Wish me luck.



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