Monday, August 13, 2007

Synchronicity Rears Its Strange Head

Hi All!

I swear this is true.

A couple of ideas ago I thought of posting something about the timidity of the marshmallow tossing anti-war zealots.

I planned to compare their whining and ranting to the Buddhist monks in Vietnam who routinely protested the war by finding a busy intersection and immolating themsleves.

Now THAT's putting your money where your mouth is, I thought to write.

Today comes this story:

Yesterday a man took his own life by setting himself ablaze outside the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. Another man drove past the scene with his family and penned an account of what he saw--and what he imagined it meant--for the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald. The Herald published the article without revealing the author's name. We pick up the story with the anonymous author's arrival at home in Eliot, Maine:

Shocked, filled with disbelief, overwhelmed, we gathered for a group hug in our yard. We had witnessed a self-imposed human sacrifice. I briefly told my family the stunning scene of the Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was shown on the front pages of every major newspaper and on TV. He had performed this same sacrifice, an effort to stop the madness, the killings, the abuse in Vietnam.

Was this an effort by this buddha of Kittery to stop the madness in Iraq?

Apparently not. WMUR-TV of Manchester, N.H., reports today that the dead man has been identified as Nathan C. Gagner, 27, of Kittery. "Family and friends said that Gagner had been suffering from depression." It's a sad story, of course, but at least it won't end in American defeat the way the Vietnam one did.

I dunno, maybe "prescience" is the right word. Scary.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, someone as intelligent as you should know it's = it is.

Your blog's headline:

Synchronicity Rears it's Strange Head

2:48 PM  
Blogger PK said...

"It is" does not make sense in the context. I haven't read Strunk and White for years but I beleve "Its" or "It's" are acceptable. It is a possessive. Hell, I don't get paid for writing this anyway.

Thanks for your advice and THANKS for reading!

7:38 PM  

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