Sunday, July 11, 2004

Going on Hiatus

Hi All!

I will be taking a few weeks off and will return in early August. Thanks for visiting my blog, and perhaps you could catch up on the archives while I'm gone!


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Grand Excursion

Hi All!

Well, I just had a consult with the lawyer, and I am paying upwards of $10K to be told that I am navigating upstream in the main river of Egypt.

The question occurs, whether any sentient human being in my situation would NOT be plying the Nile?

You will not find many of my cell mates from the "spanking" new Ramsey County Adult Detention Center blogging. As near as I learned, one is lucky to complete an outgoing telephone call to one's home.

"Abu Ga Grab" got nothin' on our new double-bunked stir where the jailers take particular glee in humiliating the rare middle-class intoxicate white guy with dumb luck.

Enough. I will mete this out in small measures until I decide It's worth confessing.

Shouldn't post when I am in mentally in a bad place, but there you have it and I shall now click "Publish Post" and forever immoralize my cave scratchings.




Hi All!

I've come up with a great euphemism for my current legal predicament. I've Cheneyed myself.

Sounds better than having "Dicked" myself, do not you think?

I have been wrestling with how much to confess on-line about my 2nd DWI in 10 years. What would Wellstone do? Hmm...

I'm leaning toward tell-all. Whether the great unwashed ever reads it, at least I will leave it on the record for all to see...kind of like a living obituary.

Just a moment. Yes, it's my high priced lawyer on the line. More to follow.



Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Inferiority of Foreign Car Engineering

Hi All!

As part of my jolly romp through the legal meat grinder due to my recent vehicular indiscretion, I was rewarded with "Scarlet Letter" license plates, which most folks wouldn't take a second look at. If you are a Law Enforcement Official, it says, "pull me over for no reason." What a country!

The fun part is that I can't drive for a year, the plates run for a year and they are on my wife and kid's cars. To the law, anyone who lives under your roof is eqaully culpable for the sins of the father.

So I went to work on my German and Japanese vehicles to remove the old plates. They were welded in.

Have these fuzzy ferriners not figured out that metal bonds to metal? How about anodized or nylon bolts, or insulated plastic receivers?

I had to go to my mechanic to have the bolts drilled out of both cars.


Well, the nylon bolts are easily obtainable at WalMart, bless their hearts. I expect no problem removing the plates a year hence and getting the nice trees and canoe back.



Friday, July 02, 2004

Quoted by Fraters - Have I Arrived?

Hi All!

My favorite starting off point for local blogs is the estimable

Another great blog, Shot in the Dark, ran a comment that I posted regarding the latest Laura Billings screed.

Fraters passed it along. My goal in life is to join the Northern Alliance!

"Oh yes, Laura Billings. First off, regarding Laura's claims about having 10 different false stories about her circulating about on the Internet, a commentator on Mitch Berg's site had this reaction:

I tried a bit of Billings fact checking on Google. Wasted an hour and could find nothing to back her claims. When I read the piece, my antenae stood at attention. Could she be making some of this stuff up?

"A commentator?" Well someday they'll be referring to me as "The Wog."