Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rudy Scores a Good Quote

Hi All!

Damn! I was ready to put the computer to sleep while I slipped into something more comfortable and hit the bed with my threesome of lovely wife and two pups.

Couldn't have helped but hear Rudy G with Tohm Browcaw having summed up the "debate" thusly:

"Bush 'talked' to the American people. Kerry 'lectured' us."

That is my remembrance, but I mislayed my autographed Nick Coleman Notebook, but I think I got the gist right.


If "Buts" "Buts" are Acorns and Nuts

John Kerry will have a nice "Fall."

Do you agree, "But?"

He reminds me of one of those shiftyah squirrels that drive my mutts, Stan and Ollie, um, lessee, what's the word.... Oh yeah, "mental."

Thought I was gonna say "nuts", din't ya? I ain't that pc.

End of "debate."


Late update: I'm sure one of you will scour the transcript for "but"s but I am willing to bet that Kerry wins that contest...but I could have my head up my.....nevermind.

Bring it On!

Hi All!

5 minutes to debate. I ain't gonna live-blog it. Leave it to the pros, I always sez.

Just blew out the earwax having dredged up the one and only Suicide Commando's studio album. My wife was at a public hearing about a hockey rink, so I got to crank up the old ESS Heil Air Motion talk about a record made to play lauwd!

Took a last potty break and heard Hewitt coin a phrase that is already reserved in all the .org, .com, .info etc. domains, but if "Buckhead" don't stick, I hereby give Hugh Hewitt credit for coining the term "NIN" : New Information Network. Fab!


Lauwdest Conzert Ever!

Hi All!

There has been quite an active thread on the Hunter/Ronson yahoo group as to what is the loudest concert we veterans have ever heard. Heah is my story.

I have been straining at the traces to chime in on this one. We have all had our hearing damaged in one way or one time or many or another.

As a veteran live listener, I will offer my own experience.

First of all, Club gigs are by far more capable of producing harmful decibels than any arena venue, unless of course, you are seated directly in front of the loudspeakers.

FWIW, Here are two events that made contributed greatly to my middle-aged tintinitus.

6th Game of 1990 World Series when Kirby Puckett hit the game winning home run. Was registered at 100+ DB, very high pitched. Like a 747 taking off. Not sure if that's the cause, but my ears have been ringing ever since.

But that was not a Rock Concert.

Here is my nominee: Drumrollzzz...

October, 1977, Kelly's Pub, St Paul MN.

Opening act were local trio the Suicide Commandos, who invented the three man frantic wall of sound years before Nirvana.

75 cent cans of Special Export beer, a crowd of maybe 80.

Girlfriend (eventual wife) wadded up a bunch of Kleenex and stuffed the makeshift hearing protection in my ears.

The Commandos gave way to the Main Act, a new band called The Ramones.

We sat at a table about 6 feet from the band. Got alot of sweat off of DeeDee as he came off the 1 foot makeshift stage to perform a table performance for us.

I recently unearthed some slides of the performance. Now how to scan them in and prove to the world that we were there!

Next morning, I went to Midway Hospital, feeling certain that the Kleenex had worked its way into my cranium. Nope, must have fell out.

Got an earwax flush to make the visit worth the price. The diagnosis was severe temporary hearing loss. Honest to God I could only hear muffled bass for a few days and it felt like my head was filled with concrete....apologies to David Bowie's for his apt lyric in "All the Young Dudes."

To this day, as I watch Ian Hunter's Oslo DVD for the umpteenth time, I crank the 30-year-old Sennheisers until they start clipping. Huh? What did you say?


Terry Mac's Email Settles Debate? - Vote!

Hi All!

It is obvious that Kerry has won the debate already.

Check out our Star Tribune, you can see how badly our poor Prexy is doing and maybe give him a lift with your measly conservative vote. No registration required!


Coleman -- I Call "Buckhead"!

Hi All!

As I rotted away in my basement, clad in boxers, not briefs, and certainly not pajamas, I caught the Coleman screed soon after it appeared on the Star Tribune website.

Immediately e-mailed the Northern Alliance and let the pros take it from there.

I don't expect the MSM to be calling anytime soon, but I reserve the right to pat my self on the back for this quick (and easy) catch.

From now on, any blogger that is first to pounce on a juicy item with "legs" gets to call "Buckhead!"

Then we can argue about who called it first, but if this term catches on, I call "Buckhead" on creating the term, which Webster will have to admit into their tome someday. "Blogger", "Blog", "Blogosphere" (run THOSE thru your spell checker -- someday they will pass muster but not yet) will get in there first, but I hope I live long enough to see them recognize this new and excellent term.

Am hyped for the so-called "debate" but it sure sounds like it will be a dual scripted campaign speech in which each watcher's "guy" will win -- in fact, they already have, so the only reason to watch is to see how wonderful/terrible your friend and foe will come off.



Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Up the River (Without a Paddle)

Hi All!

Hear to tell from my good buds at (sic) is exciting news about the best thing to hit the Cinema since "Passion of the Christ."

I had plans for Friday, but I guess I'll have to change them!

Here is the breathless promo:

"On Friday, an exciting new movie hits theaters -- one that has the power to change the way we see John Kerry forever. Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry is a beautiful and inspiring portrait of Kerry and Vietnam, but it's bigger than that: it's a gripping, powerful film about how our country wrestles with war. It's vivid without being confrontational -- a political movie you can bring your Republican uncle to -- and it has received great reviews from some of the nation's top film critics. You've got to see it."

No, I don't think I've got to see it, but the converted will go to hear the sermon.


The Lawn Sign Conspiracy

Hi All!

I have noticed quite a number of news items and letters to the editor about sign vandalism this election cycle.

Just heard from Laura Ingraham that it is a nationwide phenomenon.

Saw a letter in today's PP from Erik Schimek, a fairly well-known DFL activist, complaining that his car window was smashed because he had a Kerry sign in his yard. Huh?

I know that political signs get trashed. I will confess to having snatched a few AFTER elections for my collection which will someday wallpaper my garage walls like old-timers used to do with license plates.

As a two-time candidate, I had my share of suspicious incidents. Halloween night in particular wreaks havoc on political signs.

Just seems to me that the Dems protesteth too much this time around. Could it possibly be an organized propaganda campaign to create sympathy for Dem candidates? Or am I one of those stinky boxer-clad basement dwellers who don't know ANYTHING about journalism (sorry, I haven't worn pajamas since childhood) but I DID edit the Cretin Comment in 73-74 with my able assistant, the even then radical leftie Brendon Coleman (kid brother of old St. Nick).

Studied journalism at St Thomas under Father Whelan, Norm Larson and Dick Youngblood - the toughest grader at the school -- my only "B" in three years en route to a Summa Cum Laude in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism.

But heck, I don't carry a notebook so what do I know?

I generally don't allow signs on my property, as my neighbors know my mind and I know theirs, so we have a kind of sign-free neighborhood which is neat.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nick Coleman Blows Up - "Buckhead!"

Hi All!

Yes, he's finally lost it. Read it and weep for the latest MSM casualty heah.


What a Deal!

Hi All!

Got a call from the Strib subscription department. The rheumy-voiced old lady, with perhaps a lifetime of cartons of ciggies under her belt, (else/or second-hand bar smoke) offered me the paper for 2.50 a week.

I replied that I get enough of a bellyful on the net and that I felt bad for her to have to try to sell subscriptions to "that Liberal Rag."

She cheerfully replied, "Yeah, I hear dat alot." Click.

Speaking of papers, check out the Pioneer Press on Wednesday. A fine young 12-year-old conservative lady of my acquaintance may be published.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Photo Funnies

JFK Works on His New Tan
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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Small h hate v. Large H Hate

Hi All!

I got a call tonight from a fine fellow who, arguably, is my best and longest friend. He wanted to inform me that he had composed a couple of e-mail grenades, but failed to launch them out of concerns that his digital missives might come back to haunt him when the Bush Brownshirts get a whiff of them, he thought it safer to call.


My line is tapped directly to the RNC Ministry of Traitor Detection.

All kidding aside, this fellow, who demographically should be a Republican as he is idly rich, was figuratively foaming at the mouth at how much he Hates Bush and how he can't bear to visit my blog and how he can't understand how a smart guy like me doesn't understand what a reckless moronic Cheney-puppet will do to destroy our future if we can't overthrow his regime.

Hey, this fellow is not a political activist at all -- he just Hates Hates Hates Bush. Creepy.

I'll confess that I "hated" Clinton. Small "h". Dislike would be closer to the feeling. But it is kind of scary how charged this election is shaping up to be.

I diffused my friends direct verbal assault by an end-around, calming, changing of subject, but I managed slip in that Kerry doesn't have an ice cube's chance in hell of winning... To which my friend replied, "Just wait for the debates."

Personally I can HARDLY wait. Last nails in the Kerry Koffin, if you axe me.


The K.I.S.S. Principle - Campaign Sum Ups

Hi All!

This post is kind of a work in progress, and I solicit your help.

What I am trying to find is a terse summation of the presidential campaign.

I've come up with a few, but this is my best so far. Can you top it? The question is, why, simply, should someone vote for your candidate.

"Kerry is a vacillator, Bush is a decision maker."

Another example, which the average voter might not "get":

"Kerry is Carter with charisma. Bush is Reagan without charisma." Too deep? Methinks so.

Please submit your entries. There's a bottle innit for ya, perhaps!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Hi All!

I've been experiencing brain-lock as far as writing is concerned, so please indulge me in introducing a guest poster, 12-year-old Catie. You go, girl!

Kerry Disagrees With Iraq Prime Minister

From the New York Times:

Speaking shortly after the interim government's prime minister, Ayad Allawi, gave Congress a portrayal of progress toward peace, Mr. Kerry said, "The prime minister and the president are here obviously to put their best face on the policy.

From the New York Times:

"I stand here today as the prime minister of a country emerging finally from the dark ages of violence, aggression, corruption and greed," he told the lawmakers, who interrupted his address several times with applause. "Like almost every Iraqi, I have many friends who were murdered, tortured or raped by the regime of Saddam Hussein."

These two paragraphs above talk about the Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allawi, thanking President George W. Bush for the capture of Saddam Hussein. He is very happy that Saddam no longer is leader of Iraq, he is extremely grateful that there will not be so much pain and suffering amongst the Iraqi people. Many people want the Prime Minister dead because they like the way things were when Saddam was leader. Many people like the way things are now with Saddam gone, though.

John Kerry says that the speech from the Prime Minister of Iraq was just a publicity stunt and/or campaigning for President Bush. I must disagree. I feel that things for Iraqis are a lot better since Saddam Hussein was captured, and that the Prime Minister, Ayad Allawi, was not doing a publicity stunt for Bush or himself. I feel that the Prime Minister is truly grateful. Of course many different people have many different opinions, but this is mine.


Good Writing in JWR Today

Hi All!

Good stuff on the net today. There are always an infinite amount of such, but I'd like to draw your attention to a couple of particularly good pieces that appeared in the Jewish World Review today:

Marianne Jennings

Tom Purcell

The JWR is a great daily compilation of opinion. I encourage all to visit the site and sign up for its daily email.


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Kommander Kerry Disses Allawi

Hi All!

I'll leave it to the major league bloggers to pounce on this one, but I can't believe how petulant, and really mean Kommander Kerry sounded in his response to Prime Minister Awad Allawi's speech to Congress today.

With a few thousand guns pointed at his head, Allawi proves he has balls of steel.

Kerry has balls of nerf.


PS. Our inestimable, inscrutable Senator Dayton boycotted Allawi's speech.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Strib Turns Up the Heat

Hi All!

Tomorrow's Star Tribune lead editorial is an over the topper.

John Kerry said it plain and said it loud: He would not have invaded Iraq. His reasoning was clear: It had no weapons of mass destruction; it had no links to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001; it posed no imminent threat to the United States. Yes, he said, he voted to give President Bush the power to go to war. But, Kerry said, instead of using that power as he promised he would, to increase international pressure on Saddam Hussein, Bush used it to hurry into a disastrous, go-it-almost-alone war that has isolated America in the world and made it less safe.

Bush is living in a fantasy world, while Kerry deals in facts. The course America is on runs right over a cliff.

Almost sounds like a boilerplate Kerry Kampaign press release.

I detect Jim Boyd's fingerprints all over it.

Read it and see if you can argue that the Strib isn't the most left-wing rag in print.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Modest Milestone

Hi All!

Got my weekly report from Site Meter which reads thus:

Total ........................ 2,000
Average per Day ................. 61
Average Visit Length .......... 1:31
This Week ...................... 425
Thanks for visiting! I know that I am a mere PeeWee in the greater blogosphere of things, but an even 2000 is pretty cool enuf for me!

I even got a hit from a Googler on "Sitzsprinkler"


Saturday, September 18, 2004

More Proof of Vast Prosperity

Hi All!

With apologies to Mitch and the NARN gang, my favorite radio personality in the Twin Cities is ratings leader Joe Soucheray. Those who have ever heard him will "get" the subject of this post.

I sum Joe up as a poor man's semi-conservative Garrison Keillor.

For the unwashed, the title of this post is a contraction of two of Joe's "Garage Logic" sayings, those being, that America suffers only from "Vast Prosperity" and the record weather highs and lows for each day, despite years and degrees are sarcastically referred to as "More proof of Global Warming."

So, today was Falcon Heights City Garage Sale.

I determined that if we can't even organize the garbage in every nook and cranny of our abode, that it wouldn't make much sense to try to price and organize it on the driveway.

We concentrated on disposing of Large Obstructions.

Since our household income does not qualify for a charity deduction, we put several very nice childrens' items out at curbside with "FREE" placards attached.

I mean, this is stuff you would have to pay REAL MONEY to get at KidsWorld or wherever.

Despite alot of traffic, the fine toy chest, easel, Tyco plastic gym and picnic table remain unclaimed.

Reminds me of Monty Python's "Life of Brian" which has a scene in which Brian can't give away a free gourd for lack of his wont of "haggling."



Friday, September 17, 2004

Photo Funnies

Further Proof that being a President ages one.

Click on foto to Enlarge and notice the turkey wattle.

And what the heck is that white phallic object in the background?

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Log Cabinites Shoot Selves in Collective Feet

Hi All!

I am disappointed with my good friends in the Log Cabin Republicans for withholding their support for President Bush's re-election.

We Republicans have always welcomed disparate factions, ie, we are truly the "Big Tent" party, but as the great Ronald Reagan believed, we need to focus on what we agree on, rather than single issues where we might not.

Republicans embrace a gamut of individuals, versus specific organized influence groups whom the Democrats increasingly rely upon to grasp their slipping hold on political power.

If the Log Cabin Republicans agree on more conservative issues than they agree with the Democrats, they should support the Party and work from within to try to influence its future direction.

By it's non-endorsement of President Bush, the Cabinites risk queering the mainstream Republicans who are willing to accept the gay lifestyle as a natural fact of life, but are not willing to promote or legally sanction it.

Change takes time. Quitters never win.


Photo Funnies - Oldie But Goody

Kerry Campaign Strategist Studies Latest Opinion Polls
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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Photo Funnies

Hot Air Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Dad...I Got in an Accident

Hi All!

Ah, the words a dad just doesn't need to hear.

Luckily he hit an SUV in the tow hitch so the only damage was to his car. And his ego. And his attitude. And his assumed driving skills.

Having become acquainted with the urchin's driving proclivities, I was very well mentally prepared for the call.

Cell phone, CD player, speed, tailgating...recipe for disaster.

Unless the guy he ran into develops a sore neck, I think we dodged a bullet.

If I don't have anything decent to write, it is becoming my custom to refer you to much better stuff.

This one is quite appropo:

pork tornado

I got nothin' left to say.

Kinda Rathered out, 'tho I just heard that the jerkwad ghoul is still standing by ths story. Cheese Whiz.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Close Encounters of the Political Kind

Hi All!

Just me here, seething with envy at all the attention the Northern Alliance bloggers are getting, but seeking comfort in my own local political connections.

Case in point. I was voter 143 in my precinct tonight, right behind 142, who happened to be the 7 term Minnesota Representative from my district who came very close to being our US Congressperson. We had a nice, "bury the hatchet" chat.

My two valiant campaigns to unseat her came close in '94 and '96 but we weren't playing horse shoes and hand grenades.

It took the 2000 redistricting to shove her into another district with an even More Senior Incumbent who pulled rank and now my old foe is teaching at the College of Saint Catherine and doing what all former electeds seem to do, "consulting."

Tonight's invitees for Triva at Ol' Mexico included the aforementioned near-congressperson, the former Chair of the Minnesota Independence Party, a controversial St Paul councilperson, a feisty County Commissioner and a conservative Talk Radio maven.

I managed to snare two of 'em anyway, and we performed quite well as a Trivia Team.

All seriousness aside, the mental stimulation of hanging with folks is my best medicine. I have felt somewhat the prisoner, by my illness and legal strictures, so it means alot to get out and swill some cranberry juice and kick ass on the Trivia regulars who anchor the end of the bar :-)


Monday, September 13, 2004

Life in Perspective - A Tour of Chernobyl

Hi All!

This site is a "must see."

I can blather on about all my problems and politics and whimsey and post photo funnies, but this is reality.

Let me know what you think.


Period, End of Subject, Amen.

Hi All!

If there is any remaining doubt that CBS was duped (or were they trying to dupe us?) This technical piece is a case closer:

The Flounder


Friday, September 10, 2004

Twisted Steel

Lyric inspired by 9/11/01

Twisted people

Twisted minds
Twisted logic
Twisted times

I can't imagine how a mother must feel

Twisted Steel
Twisted Steel

Ian Hunter, 2001

Photo Funnies - Bonus Edition

What's the Frequency, Kenneth? Posted by Hello

Photo Funnies

Ahoy! Bloggers off the Starboard Bow!

Hurricane Dan Damns the Torpedos

Hi All!


Dan is determined to go down with the CBS ship. His piece on tonight's news, nicely juxtaposed with reportage on Hurricane Ivan was a perfect example of irrational denial.

He starts with a re-recitation of the damning points made in the 60 Minutes report, then stauchly defends the research. Almost got to the point of implying that a minor couple of pieces were questionable, but that they didn't matter to the whole story.

I'm an alcoholic, so I consider myself something of an expert in denial. My liver is shot and I still crave the drink.

In the same way, with a Perfect Storm swirling around him, Cap'n Dan has lashed himself to the mast, determined to ride it out.

If he weren't so rich and famous, I'd pity him, but he'll wash ashore and enjoy a long and admired dotage. I won't.

The longer he fights this, the more he hurts his fellow Cap'n Kerry, who is safely in port with his hatches battened down.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

News Flash Update - This is Big

Hi All!

I'm writing this in Times, not Times Roman, so I can assure you that it is NOT a forgery.

CBS was duped and this story, at least on the internet, is ramping up like Hurricane Dan (Rather, that is).

Lots of stories out there, but I highly recommend this one from Shot in the Dark

Back to regular programming.



Hi All!

This might become a new feature, along with Photo Funnies.

Today's comes from Collin Levey of the Seattle Times regarding the Democrat ticket's claim be able to fix the economy:

"For that matter, Kerry hasn't held a job in the private sector since he was making cookies 30 years ago, and Edwards' most sustaining relationship with the drivers of the American economy has been by suing them."



News Flash!

Hi All!

My good friends at Powerline just had a post about the potentially faked Bush service memos picked up by Drudge!

I'll bet their site is gonna crash, but if you can get through, it is pretty interesting stuff, basically claiming that a couple of memos that CBS used in it's 60 Minutes smear job might be faked, as the typewriters of the day could not have produced some of the punctuation and proportional type that appear in the unsigned memos without letterhead.

As Drudge would say, developing.....


Some Recent Favorites

Hi All!

For those who are relatively new to my blog, here is a small sampling of posts that I think you might enjoy.

Demon Alcoholism

New English Word

Letter to a Child

Duct Work

Photo Funnies

Did I Pick Up?

Back From the Desert


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Photo Funnies

Kerry Campaign Crashes to Earth as
Parachutes Carville and Begala Fail to deploy
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Ahnold's Words of Wisdom

Hi All!

This has been widely disseminated, but it think it bears repeating. Some of the best lines of the convention:

"If you believe that government should be accountable to the people, not the people to the government -- then you are a Republican! If you believe a person should be treated as an individual, not as a member of an interest group — then you are a Republican! If you believe your family knows how to spend your money better than the government does — then you are a Republican! . . . If you believe this country, not the United Nations, is the best hope of democracy in the world — then you are a Republican! And . . . if you believe we must be fierce and relentless and terminate terrorism — then you are a Republican!"


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Photo Funnies - State Fair

Wog Plugs Blog on Live Radio 1280 Posted by Hello

Monday, September 06, 2004

Photo Funnies - State Fair

A Democrat just bought me a tub of Sweet Martha's
cookie dough for the road! Nice try.

Should I forward it to Bill Clinton's hospital room?
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Oppressors - What a Country?

Hi All!

A couple of things brought my blood to a slow boil this weekend.

My wife and kid's cars bear special plates that indicate that dad got a DUI. Hey, I'll take my medicine, but it really irks me that innocents have to suffer by relationship to a jerk.

Son has been pulled over twice in two weeks for the sole reason of having these plates. Wife has been followed several times and left alone.

I have taken pains to make sure that the oil is topped up, the lights work, the rear-view mirrors are adjusted, drivers don't drink,wear seatbelts and don't smoke (even potential laws must be observed) not to mention slavishly obeying even ridiculously slow speed limits.

Isn't there a 4th amendment or something?

Hard to confess this, but I have made a complaint with the ACLU, an organization I have not often thought of in a positive light, to say the least.

If the cops can really pull over people for no other reason than this, conservatism and strict constructionism has a long way to go. If Kerry gets to choose the next few Supremes, we are truly screwed for our lifetimes.

To add insult to injury, my Mozilla browser choked on the ACLU "intake form" so I reluctantly invoked Microsoft Internet Explorer, which automatically sent me to their "automatic update" feature. Like a sap, I figured, what the hell. They say I need Service Pack 2, and even though I've heard it is a pile of crap, so I went ahead and told them to "do your worst."

I'm getting so fed up with my PC that I might break down and hire someone to backup and reinstall everything, so I didn't think I had much to use.... that was a Freudian typo left in intentionally. I meant, of course, "lose."

After 90 minutes of god knows what was happening to my poor computer, Microsoft informed me that I had an invalid registration code, so all that downloading was for naught.

OK, I confess that I bought the PC preloaded with XP Pro from a shady character a few years ago when it first came out and I had a pretty good feeling that it was an equally shady copy. But it HAS worked fairly well. The main trouble I've had is from all the hidden crap that my kids have acquired via Napster and KaZaa.

However, wouldn't you think Microsoft would offer a guy a one-time amnesty if for nothing else than improving their "bad guys" rep?

I am reminded how Microsoft slew IBM. I hope the same thing happens to Gates and his Brownshirts. Don't tell me to go Apple. Too proprietary, just like Wang was, and look what happened to them (as well as DEC, HP, Texas Instruments). If Apple hadn't have been brainwashing school kids since the '80s, they'd be Aztecs as well.

Linux holds some hope, but it is scary to leave Microsoft.

In the meanwhile, I am having great success with Mozilla and Open Office. Heck, they are free and they make XP run pretty better than it does with Microsoft's overpriced, overcomplicated software!!

End of Rant

End of Fair

Fall descends on Minnesota, seemingly instantly,year after year, as soon as the Fair closes its gates for the last time.


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Whither Hysteria?

Hi All!

Many cynical Minnesotans feel our local news is absolutely driven by weather reports: "A cloud was spotted in North Dakota...get gramma in the SE corner of the basement!!!"

However, the national attention paid to that semi-tough rain and windstorm that limped across Florida put our local media to shame.

Until tonight's 10 'O'Clock News.

I had the Sennheisers blasting the Hunter/Ronson Band with my air guitar guest appearance (gosh I'm more predictable than the weather) so I only watched Channel 5 on mute, but I saw a "team report" on what can only be described as a VERY pedestrian rain event which sprinkled the Twin Cities.

The closeup of rain hitting the pavement "near Roseville" was funny or pathetic, depending on your perspective.

So I guess the Twin Cities media can still overhype a natural weather disturbance with the best of the national guys and gals.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Fair Day in Falcon Heights

Hi All!

By way of introduction, I was raised in St Paul but have lived the last 16 years in bucolic Falcon Heights, home of the Minnesota State Fair and the University of Minnesota Agricultural College.

I took a couple of shots at running for the Legislature against fellow Falcon Heighter Mary Jo McGuire, but the latest redistricting melded our little town to the liberalest of St Paul's liberal neighborhoods. So long McGuire (not liberal enough after 14-years in the Statehouse) and so long Woggy Doggy, the loyal opposition.

A significant other of mine, well, THE significant other, has served on our City Council for about 10-years, but as I live in a house divided, she prefers to be referred to as "non-partisan."

Anyway, got to the Fair just in time to get on the Radio to tout my blog. Managed to give "the needle" to the erstwhile NARN bloggers by describing their efforts as "dry political sites."

As everyone who really knows me knows that "I KEED. I KEED!"

I chose an AM1500 hat to wear in equal good humour to tweak the AM1280 radio personalities.

Met several fellow bloggers, some of which I had heard of, some of which I regret that I haven't.

Don't ask me to name them all -- My weakest trait as a politician was/is names.

Note to NARN/1280 for next time. Two words: Name Tags.

Note to bloggers for next time. Two words: Calling Cards (that'd be Business Cards for those unfamiliar with Victorian times, not something you pay $25 for 100 minutes).

Had my youngest urchin, 12-year-old Catie in tow, who understandably was not very enamored of hanging out at the Beer Garden with bloggers. I had to wipe out my pre-sale ride tickets, so we did the hot, dusty Midway from end to end. Goddam I'm getting old (but I won't freeze and catch a cold - Bowie reference for Pinkmonkeybird. For so many years I practically lived in the Midway from morning 'till fireworks.

Today I just wanted to be about anywhere else, but Catie acquired a wide smile which was noticeably absent when I dragged her out with me.

Hied it back to the Beer Garden having exhausted the ride tickets and then some (10 left, with 2 6-ticket rides to go... arrggghhh! Those single tickets are 75 cents each v. the 50 centers I had used up.

Stopped by GOP HQ, steady stream of calm, composed people. Nothing like the virtiolic post-it note board at the DFL corner where the angry libs lined up to vent their spleens, often profanely.

The bloggers were still around, which frankly surprised me, as food and quaff is not necessarily a bargain at the Fair.

The festivities were breaking up anyway, but it was nice to have the chance to say goodbye to my new friends and headed out on my second Bataan Death March of the Fair. I must be getting in better shape, as the 2-mile trek went pretty well. Must have been the company of my precious baby girl.

As always, got the optimistic re-entry stamp in case I want to go back for the evening.

Will probably go back Monday, which is always a pretty good day for snatching up relative bargains as the booths start closing up and liquidating their wares. Besides, Dick Cheney will be there.


Photo Funnies - State Fair

If it's Friday, this must be Falcon Heights! Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004

Constipated Computer - Move-On

Hi All!

In my old computer consulting days, I once got a service call from a client who reported having trouble with a software update. "The directions say to insert disks. I can only get three at a time in the slot. I guess I need a different computer."

Now I think I need a different computer! I've run Norton, I've run Spybot Search and Destroy, Windows Tune-up, etc.

Still, my trusty old PC-133 clone is running slower than Clinton's clogged arteries. I'm sick of watching the hourglass icon for minutes at a time.

Tried to post a McCain photo from today's Fair visit, but the computer just choked on it.

At least I can get this missive out before some major PC bypass surgery this weekend. Gosh I wish I had a few hundred bucks to spare on a new one, but restoring all the software and data would be daunting in any case.

Move-On has a nifty Letter to Editor Generator. This campaign is really gonna get ugly now that Kerry is getting cornered.

The Time Magazine poll is too much good news too soon.

Thanks to all the bloggers who covered the convention despite all the obstacles. See some of you tomorrow at the Fair!


Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Speech

Hi All!

I'll leave it to the rest of blogdom to dissect GWB's acceptance speech in painful detail, but here are my two-cents worth.

The speech had a weird rhythm to it, as if composed by a team of writers. Every time I thought I sensed a Peggy Noonan footfall, the speech would go boring again.

The wrap-up was excellent, and if that's all that is remembered, it will be a whole lot more than anyone might hope to recall from the ostrich egg Kerry laid at the DNC.

All in all, IMHO, the Republican Convention delivered in every way that the Democrat Convention didn't.

Too early to predict a Bush landslide, but suffice it to say I wouldn't be surprised.

Health iffy this week, but will try to see McCain at the State Fair tomorrow.

For sure will be there Saturday for the blogger gathering -- even if they have to wheel me in. I hope the Beer Garden at International Bazaar serves cranberry juice ;-)


Photo Funnies

Take THIS, Kerry Posted by Hello