Monday, December 13, 2004

Progress Report

Hi All!

I have a brief time to use a computer so I need to make this a long story told short.

On October 3, I had an internal bleed from a torn artery to the stomach. Since my July chemical dependency treatment, I had relapsed.

Doctors worked their miracle and I once again dodged a bullet, but my liver is almost totally shot.

My doctor and family members decided that I needed a long time in treatment so an order of 6-month commitment was filed. I got a "stay" which meant I could work with a case manager to have some leeway on where and how I would be treated.

If I follow the plan, the order of commitment will expire in April. If I screw up, it's 6-months in a state hospital.

Since October 3, I have been at St. Joe's hospital, then their inpatient treatment, then the Ramsey County Detox Hell (they needed somwhere to put me for a few days pending my court appearance) to Unity inpatient, to Cedar Ridge inpatient, to Lexington Nursing Home, to VK Arrigoni Sober half-way house, where I now reside.

There is a hell of a long story behind all that, but suffice it for now to say that I am in stable health and good spirits. I will be home for Christmas and will try to take some time to fill out the details before going back to the half-way house.

Thanks for visiting my Blog, and God bless those who have emailed, called and visited.

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Holiday Cheers!