Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You Really Got Me

Hi All!

Here is photographic evidence of my recent performance of YRGM at my nephew's wedding.

Look more like a Blues Brother than Ray Davies but the voice impression was pretty good if I do say myself.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Yellow Waste Product

Hi All!

So much on my mind. Too much, in fact. I feel a plethora of pointed posts coming on.

However, I have just been distracted by a thud on my doorstep. Yes, they still deliver the Yellow Pages.

It is beyond my fathoming how these ancient relics can still make economic sense.

I instantly toss them into the trash, but Laura always digs 'em up for the once or twice a year she might need to reference them. I have to move them out of the way to get at the Corning Ware.

The skinny local directories are still handy in a pinch, when the internet is down or something, but these huge paperweights are gonna damned near turn me into a tree hugger.

I wish the distributor would give us a choice whether we want one or not. I have enough detritus cluttering my domicile without this partictular yearly aggravation.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Rebel's Broken Spirit

Hi All!

Here's a photo from The Lake. I am still up here, hoping that the Scorpio is simply not starting because of a temporary fuel pressure lock -- it IS 95 degrees after all.

Had a blast in the Bug. With new Kumho tires, it inspires more confidence than the 25-year-old Grapplers which were getting pretty crackly and fissurey.

As always, feel free to click to enlarge.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wog Takes Blog Breather

Hi All!

Not that I've been setting the world ablaze lately, but I am taking a breather to absorb some cool northern lake air and to gather inspiration.

Please take the time to root around in the archives. There is plenty of interesting stuff in there, some of it is even good!

Well, I have to go now. Have started packing, and the very first thing on the list is 98.6% DEET. Those blasted mosquitos will never find the Invisible Wog.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bumper Stickers: Can't Lefties Let Go?

Hi All!

Those who remember an acerbic political commentator, now very much mellowed, will appreciate this little bit of fun I am gonna allow myself.

It is remarkable to me to see how many vehicles, great and small, hybrid and SUV, who still display Kerry Edwards and even Wellstone stickers. I admire their loyalty, but question their relevance.

Conservatives generally don't "do" bumper stickers much anymore. I can recall the days, especially when Gene McCarthy had those neat daisy-shaped stickers in '68, when bumper stickers were all the rage.

My '72 bug has been adorned with hundreds of stickers in it's life. Most were non-political -- souvenirs of where I had been in Europe, and whimsical ones such as "Too slow? Too bad!" and "VWs don't drip oil. They just mark their spot."

The only ones it now sports are "Twin Cities VW Club," "Bitte ein Bit" and the "D-schilder", the oval with the "D" for "Deutschland."

Trends come and go. Remember the truly annoying "Baby on Board" things? The suction cup Garfield characters? We had Bart Simpson wearing a "Bite Me" T-shirt. Now THAT was cool in a way Garfield was totally not.

This political sticker for defunct or deceased politicians is just plain silly. I try not to say "annoying" but when the driver is tooling around in a Liberal Limo, weaving while gabbing on a cell-phone, I must admit it irks a bit.

The latest craze, of course are the darned ribbon things. I hate them. Here is my idea for one, although, I'd never, EVER put it on MY car: Picture the red-white-and blue with the logo, "Annoy a Liberal." Another million dollar idea of mine is a green sticker in the same style as "Wellstone!" saying, "Tombstone!" Harsh. Just a nasty little thought I sometimes have.

In closing, as a staunch defender of "Freedom of Speech" I say that you can deface your lawn or your vehicle in any way you choose, but think about this: What are you trying to prove? Do you really think you are gonna change hearts or are you just looking to piss people off?


Juvenile Jurisdiction

Hi All!

I just got back from the Juvenile Court.

From the best information I could gather, it appears that Mike Lemay will not be tried as an adult, rather will be placed under juvenile supervision until he is 21, at which point his record will be clean.

He will probably do alot of time in programs and community service, but as near as I can tell at this point, this is the best, fairest outcome that could have been expected.

I am thankful the way things turned out, and a bit embarrassed by what a big deal I made if the LeMays' ordeal, but things worked out much better than they looked 6 weeks ago.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Olympic Hopeful News from the Turf

Hi All!

If you happen to notice the time of this post, you will forgive me my brevity, as I do believe I collected at least a chapter's worth in my ever-forthcoming book about the incredible live performances I have witnessed in my life.

Hey, this wasn't close to the Faces last concert at the Minneapolis Auditorium in, um, '74? Ronnie Woods last gig before selling out to work for the Stones. Rod the Mod before he became a lounge singer.... Damn.... another chapter.

'77, Kelly's Pub, Suicide Commandos opening for some unknown family band from NYC, the Ramones... Chapter 8, perhaps. I got pictures to prove I was there.

Anyhow, I gotta get up for AA in a few more hours, and I can say that anyone who was at the Turf Club tonight might have noticed the fat, middle-aged clump holding down the end of the bar, nursing O'Doul's Ambers and sucking on glasses of ice. Geez, you really gotta tip them tenders good to get them to keep the ice going.

Anaway, came back with lotsa swag and had a jolly good time, capped by a pretty remarkable performance by the Olympic Hopefuls, who sounded quite good considering they had just performed in the semi-tropical Minnesota July heat at the Basillica of St Mary's Rock Festival -- 'nother chapter there... and they had a session man bass player filling in for the regular guy who just had back surgery.

Talk about suffering for Art.

Well, I could go on, and I always think I'm gonna blog a full-length followup, but sometimes the memories slip away or I inexplicitly lose interest.

Remind me to blog about them flat-chested girls. Freaks of nature. What was UP with that? I mean, they could easily hide behind a telephone pole. Not sexy to me, but I guess I used up my libido well before the anti-depressants and the liver poisoning.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Scorpios on the the Fourth of July, 2005

Kuettel's "Firework" Display

Hi All!

I swore off fireworks this year. Too damned expensive. If we were up at the lake it would be a different matter. I'll never forget the year that my cousin, an amateur pyrotechnic maker brought some serious firepower that rivalled a small town display. The danger was delicious.

The wimpy things you can buy nowadays just don't do it for me anymore.

In the Spirit of the Fourth, however, I gave into temptation.

Having refreshed my Scorpio with 15 gallons of blessedly ethanol-free fuel at my favorite Spur, I couldn't help but pick up a $13 coffee can-sized thing called "Screaming Sorcerer."

Now, to me, a real firework shoots up and bursts in the air. But some of these "shower of sparks" emitters are fun in small doses.

So I shall light this puppy up tonight, whether the kids are home or not. Laura, Stan, Ollie and I will brave the mosquitos to find out just what a Screaming Sorcerer conjurs.

By the way, Lileks wrote an absolutely delightful piece about the mythical fellow who wrote the warning labels that are so widely published to this day. It wouldn't surprise me if Burnitt's work is more widely read (and perhaps ignored) than the Bible!


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Another Roseville Teacher Heard From

Hi All!

Once again, an anonymous Roseville teacher has posted a comment to the blog, and once again, since many don't check the "comments" area at the end of each post, I am putting this on the "front page" so it hopefully is more widely read:

"My heart is heavy; not only for a young man who died too early, but for a young man who certainly did not intend to have the young man's life end so abruptly, due to as one as reported, "a-million-in-one punch".

Mike was a student of mine for the last four years and as I know Mike, he will be living with this tragedy for the rest of his life. To prosecute him as an adult and put him into the prison system would be tragic. Does he need to pay for this action? I believe so. But I do not believe an adult prison term is the answer.

Questions to ponder: Will he do this again? I believe not. Was this act intentional (to cause death)? I believe not. Is there some type of community service that he can perform that will make young students aware of dealing with anger, using alternative behaviors that do not include violence (punching someone in the face)? I believe so.

We often stress rehabilitation. Why not use it here, with a young man who could certainly benefit, as well as benefit other young people telling his story? I believe sending young Mike to prison will not be in his best interest.

I feel terribly for Derrik (sic) New and his family. What a tragedy for them. I pray that they can find the strength and love to get them through this terrible situation.

I also hope that the system can find a solution for Mike to pay for this unfortunate event, but not put him into a situation that might affect him negatively for the rest of his life."

Criminal Justice in Minnesota

Hi All!

What a sad day.

Mike Lemay rots in Juvenille detention without any possibility of release while facing adult 1st Degree Manslaughter and 7-10 years in prison for accidentally causing a tragic death.


Joseph Edward Duncan III, a registered sex offender was arrested and charged with kidnapping. More charges, for multiple murders are possible.

Duncan had an outstanding warrant for failing to register as a high-risk sex offender and was facing charges of molesting a 6-year-old boy in Minnesota. He was released on $15000 bond in April, just weeks before 3 people were tied down and bludgeoned to death and two children disappeared.

The girl has been rescued. The boy is believed dead.

Who says justice is blind?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Inside the Liberal Mind

Hi All!

I don't do much on politics anymore, as it is well covered by smarter people than me.

That doesn't mean I'm not interested in politics anymore!

I subscribe to a web-based discussion group called "Minnesota Politics." It is pretty one sided these days, as conservatives have tended to choose blogging instead of flogging.

A fellow named Aaron Laffin wrote on the subject of progressive taxation. He came up with what to him was a perfectly logical thing for wealthy people to do if they don' t like paying a higher percentage of their income for taxes. Allow me to quote:

"I'd disagree that it is "immoral" to tax people at a higher rate when they make way more money than they need to live. It might be unfair, but those people can always choose to not make as much money."

And there you have the solution according to modern Amercian Liberal Thought. Of course, if the "wealthy" were to take Aaron's advice, there would be far less money to pay for all the programs that help the less fortunate (like Aaron, I suppose) get by.