Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just One More

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One Down, Two to Go. WHEW!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

An Actual Wogsblog Followup

Hi All!

Came across this anon quote whilst refreshing my college journalism teachings on bowlderism. Not sure if I am spelling it correctly, 'cos Google offered pretty sparce material. Here's the quote, and I will never be able to put it better.

Censorship in the media is not only an immoral and unjust practice, but also an insult to all people who consider them selves able to think and act intelligently on their own. Every day censors everywhere try to bowlderize radio, print, the Internet and all other forms of media, especially television. People who stand for this are allowing their rights to be denied, laying supine, letting governments control them and limit their thoughts.

The denotative meaning of censorship is the examination of books, letters, movies, etc. and the removal of anything thought not right for the people to observe. In other words, censorship ....

Bowlderized Wog-Wisdom

Hi All!

This day keeps getting weirder. Farmers told me that if I turn in my driver's license for three years they will keep taking my money for my house and kids and wife. Fat Chance.

Might darned well turn me into a criminal -- heck, I already am one, and one misstep from a felon, but I have been promised that I am terminal so what the hey.

Tried to post a comment to my favourite blogmeister, Mitch at Shot in the Dark.

His "service" rejected my post for "unacceptable language."

I spent a half-hour trying to creatively re-phrase the objectionable prose. All for naught:

Answer below, but here are some of my tries:

"Puh Lug my blog"

"P u H *(lug) my blog"

"Pull my log" (kidding, but I'll bet that would pass muster as well as writing "ass-master" backwards)

Ah, I'm over it so I will cut myself off and have a nap.

Here's what you can't say on Mitch's blog:

"I know it's not kosher to plug your blog on another, more heavily, muchly more active and read blog, but I've got itchy keyboard fingers today and your readers of these comments (does anyone read those except Mitchell?) will perhaps be edified, if not entertained."



Hi All!

Over-educated, Over-sensitive, Over-medicated, can't get over my wunnerful self.

Yet, I don't read my own blog. Post and be done is my motto.

For giggles, I read a few of my latest entries trying to see what the readers might think of the rants from their perspective.

When I look in the mirror at my fantastic self-haircut, gorgeous face and porky, yet a 40lb topsoil bag lighter than I was at the beginning of the year (nothing like liver disease to pass food on thru without letting it get converted to fat (or energy)).

Then I see a recent picture of myself. Yellow eyes, horrific hair, man titties, belt-hiding flabby kangaroo pouch, deathly pallor. Trite but true, the last person to know how you are perceived by others is you.

Followups, as promised.

Found that I leave alot of stories hanging. Oftimes, the experience predicted was so way cool as to be overwhelming, and I develop reverse magnetism with the keyboard.

Ray Davies concert -- Some day I will write it up. Top ten life experience, top 5 with kids in tow.

Pie in Ear Press Story. When a top-drawer editorial writer is lured from the Wall Street Journal to St. Paul, given a pretty rich contract, then fired (fortunately, they kept it fair by canning that goof the Good Witch Glenda as well), I assumed the end was near. Thankfully, it seems the patient will pull through with new, albeit stingy ownership. And Ragsdale should stay on the oped -- he's brilliant and totally "plugged-in"

More to follow: Hah! Insurance guy is calling. After 34 years of business with Farmers with not one accident claim, just a couple of vandalisms way in the past, they pulled my criminal file and thanked me very much by raising the premium on the Trooper, which I don't drive (Alex thinks it's "his" car) from $800/yr to $3800. That will not stand, even if I have to "quit driving"


Hell on an Icicle Stick

Hi All!

I never in my wildest imagination supposed that a feller at the Enemy Newspaper would write pretty darned close to what I have been saying about Pogue the Trick Pony. You can shorten the last two words to one and substitute something that rhymes with "trick" to understand the moniker I have coined to describe him.

I learned that I MUST post when I have all the ammo ready to go, researched and verifiable.

In this case, it is more satisfying to see a big time lefty reflect my way of thinking to over 200,000 Strib readers than pissing into the wind on a puny blog.

All I can add to the piece is that I honestly believe the Pogue needs mental health counseling for his Napoleanic personality disorder. Watch him reign over the tax committee on channel 17 and tell me that your skin don't crawl.

Ready? Here be the link - nah, I won't make you work for it, I'll just violate copyright law for you.

Pogemiller makes his mark on stadium issue -- if a squiggly one

Julianne Ortman was set to purchase a Star Tribune on Wednesday. But just as she was to make that wise buy, she jerked her hand from the rack.

Doug Grow, Star Tribune

Julianne Ortman was set to purchase a Star Tribune on Wednesday. But just as she was to make that wise buy, she jerked her hand from the rack.

Right there, in a big photo on the front page of the newspaper, was the most paralyzing sight in Minnesota politics -- Sen. Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, with a microphone in his right hand, some documents in his left.

"I couldn't buy the paper," said Ortman, a Republican senator from Chanhassen.

And she says she likes Pogemiller.

"You have to like him," she said. "He thinks. He reads a lot. He's challenging."

Challenging. That's a diplomatic description. Agonizing, condescending, obnoxious are other adjectives that fit.

Even members of his own caucus roll their eyes at the sight of Pogemiller, a 26-year fixture at the State Capitol, rising to his feet. When Pogey speaks, things get confusing.

"You go out with Larry and the waitress comes up to the table," said Sen. Dean Johnson, the Senate's majority leader and a fellow DFLer. "She says, 'Can I get you a drink?' You say, 'Sure, Bud Light, please.' Larry goes through a whole litany on all different kinds of beer. By the time he's done, the poor waitress doesn't know if he wants a beer or lutefisk."

Go straight to the source.

"Senator Pogemiller, do you ever have a yes or no answer to a question?"

"I've been trying to stay out of the press," Pogemiller responded.

Again this year, Pogemiller has imposed his will -- whatever it is -- on the Legislature. He's head of the tax committee, and his maneuvers have turned straightforward measures for stadiums for the University of Minnesota and the Twins into political mazes. He came up with a memorabilia tax for the university stadium, which opened the door for Sen. Steve Kelly to propose a seven-county tax for stadiums and transit.

Neither pro-stadium nor anti-stadium people know how to take Pogemiller's moves, because it's hard to know what he seeks.

"I think he wants the people of Canada and the governor to pay for the stadiums," said Johnson, tongue in cheek.

Pogemiller says he'd like to see the Twins and Gophers get stadiums, but he wants them paid for in "fair and responsible ways." He also admits he'd like to see Gov. Tim Pawlenty outed from his no-new-taxes closet.

Republicans say Pogemiller has too much influence on Johnson, a notion Johnson rejects.

"You can either cut him out and have him in the parking lot throwing stones at you or keep gnawing away at him," said Johnson. "I prefer the long view."

Besides, Johnson likes Pogey.

"He's a competitor," said Johnson.

Ortman, who as a member of the tax committee has studied Pogey closely, has a different description.

"Hubris," she said. "He doesn't look at the rest of us as peers. He doesn't seem himself as a legislator; he sees himself as a head of state, like the governor."

Remember, she says she likes the guy.

Doug Grow •

Monday, May 01, 2006

Friendly Advice for Illegal Aliens

Hi All!

As a 5th generation German-Swiss-French-Austrian, um, American, I have no problem with welcoming immigrants to the Greatest Country in the History of the World.

What bothers me, and it's partly the fault of Political Correctness, is that millions of people want to come in illegally, and actually want to take us over!

Why we can't have a simple method for illegals to sign up for a Social Security card and start paying taxes on their hard and useful work, I just can't understand.

As to today's agressive and provocative "action" against my country, I continue to wonder who does the PR for the "movement."

I will visit a few of my haunts today and I am willing to bet that not one Mexican will fail to be working. Unless they want to get fired.

Mi Amigos, No muerda la mano que las alimentaciones usted. Play fair.