Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Planned a Party and Nobody Came

Hi All!

Have thought too long and freaking hard about how to write this post so I am gonna wing it extemporaneously.

Nobody in the World wanted to get back into a political campaign as much as me.

Nobody else wanted me to get back into a political campaign.

No one even gave me an opinion.

Carefully planned, groundbreaking paradigm. It could have worked and it will when someone eventually does it. Campaigns are moving in that direction anyway, but this would have leapt out in front.

Put out cautious, laser-targeted feelers and was quite disappointed -- hell, devastated is a better word -- at the lack of response from the people I had consciously chosen to feel out and whom I thought might be of help with their connections.

For all the discouragement and the huge Heart v. Head imbalance, I found myself driving south on 35E at 3:00 toward the Ramsey Courthouse, intent on filing. After all, I still had 48 hours to chicken out and perhaps I'd raise an eyebrow or two. What's to lose?


I pulled off at Maryland and headed north to Bentley's for a chat up with my disgruntled postal worker mates and beat them at Buzztime Trivia.

Hence to the Legion for the horseshoe tossing, conviviality with the a bunch of nice older people and pleasure of having Laura and my friend Tom join me for a nice end to an awesome day to be outside. Made me forget all about the tsunami in my head. Just for awhile. Come today and the storm rages on. .. and FEMA ain't gonna help.

Am I relieved? Hell no. My political ambition is a dream that won't die until I do. At the considerable risk of sounding like I'm sounding, representative government needs me.

Alas, as the fog clears and the die that has been cast must wait for curing, I turn to health and financial concerns.

No small order.


Post Party Depression

Hi All!

The Graduation and World Party succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I patted myself on the back so hard that I crashed for the better part of Monday and Tuesday, although I did rally Tuesday afternoon and took second place with my partner "Cowboy" in the weekly horseshoe tournament down ta da Rosetown Legion Club.

Oh. That was after the other story I have to tell. Party over, reality in my face.

Stay tuned.

BTW, was I on the right track with the Entenza reference in the prior post? His ego-blind attempts to stave off the truth about him was not enough, I don't think, to compel him to fall on his sword and abandon his dream.

No, it is all about his wife who may or may not go to jail but simply by having raked in 30 million dollars from exercising stock options doomed old Matt's ambition. No one deserves his fate more than he.

I dodged my dream yesterday as well, but for less nefarious reasons. Stay tuned.


Stay tuned.....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blame it on The Missus

Hi All!

I'm watching with bemusement as Ellison and Entenza twist in the political breeze of their own making.

Is it just me, but do Democrats seem to look to their distaff side to dismiss their foolish and avoidable problems.

What Ellison (in my opinion) did by getting his poor wife to take the fall for his lack of reponsibility is disgusting. If course, SHE in turn blamed a mysterious new case of MS. I'd love to see the medical records to defuse my deep skepticsism.

Ellison also is trying to write off his troubles as a lack of political experience. He is just, after all, a two term legislator. But supposedly he is a lawyer too, although Mary Jane Olson might not think he's very good.

It so happens that I ran in a couple of legislative campaigns, far less successfully than Ellison, and did my own books. I picked up a fine for not filing a final report when I disbanded my committee a couple of years after the last defeat, when I decided to pull the plug on politics. $65, and I DID neglect to pay it. My bad. When active, the reports were timely, honest, detailed and accurate.

Foremost, a CANDIDATE is the one ultimately reponsible for signing off on reports, even if done by a trusted treasurer.

Elllison is done, but I suspect we haven't heard the last of him.

In other spouse news, Entenza's trophy wife, the $69 million dollar CBO of a huge health care organization under investigation of stock options fraud, created a strange situation.

A guy as shrewd as Entenza should have known better than to stir up the hornet's nest that is Mike the Hatchet. But the Hatchet was going after health care companies in general, and Mrs' Entenza's organization particularly.

But Entenza's downfall has always been his blinding ego and true deep down meanness. Hiring Chicago thugs to dig dirt on Hatch was overkill. Hatch's record is long enough to do him in if there is justice in this world. Why spend $200 (?????!!!!!) to hire a P.I. firm?

The trail of obvious lies (including the claim of spending $200) is digging our old friend a justly deserved hole.

Sorry for the politics, needed to clear my brain on the day before the Big Party.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wee Hour Rumination on a Snack.

Hi All!

Yeah, I'm still up.

Daughter's 14th today. Happy Birthday Cates! I shall give you a pass on forgetting to load the dishwasher last night.

Tough to sleep. Itch in upper back from dermatological procedure that seems to have become infected, so it's just as well I can't reach it to scatch it and compound the damage. Edema has added 25lbs to my ample frame and my elephantine feet don't fit into shoes -- well, untied and uncomfortable at least.

Many itches of a psychological and family relationship nature, but I've best advised myself to let that ride. Dear reader, if I take you there, you will never come back. That't how much is under the lid.

I had the pangs of hunger, so I rooted around the fridge to see what creativity I could apply to a 3am snack.

The two week old chili+kitchen sink I have been doctoring and nursing needed a little added water and extra microwave time to ward of food poisoning.

Not hitting the spot.

Grabbed a King's Hawaiian Roll - no, two. at least three week old but not the least sign of spoilage. Scary but still tasty.

Dug out the ancient remainder of 3 slices of ham 'n cheese loaf.

Went for the fresh butter. Nothing in dish, nothing worse than spreading cold butter.

Espied a neglected container of some yellow gelatinous substance with a bit of watery condensation around it, so I stirred it up and with great effort to keep it sliding off the knife, managed to complete the treat.

Now I have been fooled countless times and I am a true sucker in the P.T. Barnum sense.

But you can't fool Mother Nature, and I CAN believe...

It's not butter.

But when you're hungry....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Party Update from Party Central

Hi All!

Invitations lost. Nasty letter sent to Snapfish with promise to tell all me friends

Have worked e-mail and phone lines so WOM should be ok.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lyrical Interlude

Hi All!

Been awhile since I posted some lyrics that speak to me directly and effect me deeply.

Here is a triple play. Please indulge me if you've got this far. Funny how my favorite Rock 'n Rollers know me so damned well and can be so incredibly insightful, offering hope even in the darkest song.

Perhaps I'm not alone ;-)

Here is a triple from Ray Davies that speak to my decline, fall and ...... and..... just possibly ...... redemption?

Ray Davies After The Fall Lyrics

I just had a really bad fall
And this time it was harder to get up than before
I shouted to the heavens and a vision appeared
I cried out "Can you help?", it replied "Not at all"

After the fall is over
You'll be on your own
After the fall is over

There'll be wrecks to clear in this war zone
There'll be much to clean and time to atone
But while it's dark you can shelter here
In the bleak midwinter when you're feeling the fear
Ah, but when the mist clears, the sun will shine again

A life's gotta have direction
After the deals are done
You gotta ask the question

Ask yourself why you go through it all
When morality kicks in, who will catch you when you fall
I'm a sinner waiting at the traveler's rest
Seeking refuge from the storm, and I'm a grateful guest
And a prophet cries out in high platitudes
I smile and say, "Hey, I was just passing through"
And an angel cries, "Wait, we'll tell you when to move"
Even at the gates of Heaven I'll be waiting in a queue

Seems like I'm falling upwards
Into the great white blue
And all my imperfections

You can learn your lines and fabricate a show
But the way we come in, yeah, that's the way we're gonna go
We cheat and lie to conquer our fears
We can put on a smile just to cover up the tears
Ah, but when the mist clears, the sun will shine again

After the fall (after the fall is over)
There'll be a better day
After the fall is over

So I fell on my arse, now I'm feeling the pain
But the feeling will pass and so will the shame
The bigger the ego, the bigger the fall
When your reputation counts for nothing at all
Ah, but when the mist clears, the sun will shine again

I will greet you when the sun shines again
After the fall (after the fall is over)
There'll be a better day
After the fall is over

Ray Davies Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After) Lyrics

Things are gonna change
This is the morning after
When reality bites
The morality kicks in
To those damaged limitations

This is the morning after
All that went before
All of the song and laughter
The morning after, gets up from the floor
To do it all again

But things are gonna change
This is the morning after
My turn to get pushed in the face
Feeling right down, resurrecting the clown
Yeah I bloody well will
You look around for which way to go
But where you gonna turn?

And when the morning after
Pleads to take no more
We patch up the last disaster
Slower, faster, crawl out through the door
And do it all again
But things have gotta change
This is the morning after

You feel shite, the air bites
Oh will I ever learn?
Your ear's deaf, your girl's left
Never to return
But it's the morning after
All that went before
And now you paid your debt
Get up you wreck, and crawl out through the door
Oh, love will return

This is the morning after
You will learn
The barrier we cross
Is somewhere between Heaven and Hell
Ah, but the world will never change
So we must dig inside, and crawl outside ourselves
I will, I bloody well will
Things are gonna change

Things are gonna change
This is the morning after

I will, I bloody well will
Things are gonna change

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Alex Kuettel Graduation Party

Hi All!

Temporary post as I need to get info out to people and as Snapfish (sez USPS) or USPS (sez Snapfish) lost my order for the invitation photo post cards -- so much for saving money on the internet.

The event is a week away so if you aren't intended to or interested in reading it, please go on to the next post, with is subtle but potentially earth shattering.

Party for Alex, Sunday the 16th 2-5 and mingle time thereafter to whenever. All friends, relatives of any of we Kuettels are not only welcome, but encouraged to come. Plenty o' fun (why did you think it took this long to plan and put it on?)


All are welcome, even politicians and bloggers. Smoking permitted! Free Quaff and Repast!



If you didn't get the click to work, 1879 Simpson St, Falcon Heights 651.646.7099


Hi All!

The quixotic quest I thought I had abandoned is not so easily purged from my dreams and ambitions.

I am gonna Shake Rattle and Roll some political trees if I change course and follow this insanity. I have been very busy planning the graduation party. The next day, 7/17/06, I will decide comfortably and with no regrets either way.

One of the key elements of my Big Idea which is now the BIG BAM BOOM and will likely morph into something even better, was a blog and website presence and a technology-based thrust that will far surpass anything that's yet been tried on this level of political campaigning.

The bloggers whom I trust and love waved their fannys at me. It's not nice to stand in front of the China shop with a red flag, Brian, Mitch, David, et al.

Enough of an inside dig. I am gonna need youse guys and the likes of ya to place respectfully.

For now,


Click: A NEW BLOG!!!!!

No more politics on this site. The NEW and IMPROVED political wogsblog will be a mother lode.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Boycott Superamerica

Hi All!

Speedy rewards my butt. I have bought over a thousand bucks of gas from these thieves and am almost qualified for a 79 cent soda.

As the Twin Cities most ubiquitous gas station chain SA seems to be the price standard for all other stations. After sticking at $2.99/gallon for 10 days or so thru 7/4, someone decided that the only way to crack the $3.00 barrier would be to smash it, see what happens and back up after desensitizing the brain dead masses of asses.

Thus Wednesday saw $3.10 system wide. Not too many stations followed and the price is backing up to high $2 and low $3.

Why the price increase? North Korea celebrated the 4th by shooting of a puny rocket. Yepp, that's an actual explanation that I heard, well, it was spun to the effect that uncertain world events have worried the oil market.

Gas is cheap and I don't mind paying for it. It could be better and cheaper if those darned corn squeez'ns weren't in there. Gee, I hope there will be some Indian corn available for the Thanksgiving cornucopia, but there is quite the shortage of corn, apparently.

One more shot at Everclear. What would it cost if it was taxed? Like petrol? 20 cents more per gallon? At least we'd be able to patch a few pot holes or shore up the rusted out overpasses on 36, for example.

Thanks Government, you did it again! Screw with the free market. Works (for you) every time.

If blog swarms are so cool, lets try one here. BOYCOTT SUPERAMERICA!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did You Get Anything?

Hi All!

As I walked back to the car from the Taste of Minnesota fireworks, absentmindedly engaging in my unfortunate tic of nose picking, a middle aged black woman waiting in traffic (little to she know that she would move about 1 block in the next hour) asked, "Did you get anything?" I kept walking casually, turning and flicking my pointer and thumb as if to fire a hard booger ball at her. We both cracked up. Everyone started home happy last night (not sure about how they felt when they finally got home).

It was the perfect end to a perfect night. I guess I can die happy now. As a fireworks freak who is still sitting on an arsenal in the garage, waiting for the next trip to the Lake, the Mellaluca display will never be topped. Can't be. Must have been a few semi-loads of gunpowder shot off.

I am not fond of Mellaluca. It is one of those Amway-type scams, and my wife supports her "the one over her" with about $80/mo. in purchases with a contract to buy so much in a year. Sorry, I trust in Sam Walton for my soap.

The weather conditions were better than perfect, I had a spot against the VIP barricade and was within feet of big fat clown and all around fantastic character Ron Maddox, who has died about 5 times and has put on this show for 19 years. The Mellaluca boss with him and the dreaded Jamie Peterson introduced the show.

Best spot I have ever had to watch, although one lousy little tree screened a couple of ground effects.

Walked over to a bar and grille after the show and watched this red truck (my benchmark) spend 40 minutes in the same spot with engine idling (as were most of the thousands of vehicles stuck in the gridlock.

When it was clear by midnight, I got in the only car in the lot and tooled home happy.

Went down to Harriet Island twice this year. Fireworks aforementioned and Alice Cooper's pretty darn good show Thursday. Ah, the power of the handicapped parking mirror hanger.

Well I got A LOT from the Taste. And Maddox didn't see a single one of my dimes. What a country!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's a Great Sad Scary Sunday

Hi All!

Laura is with her dad at the hospital. Complained of headache, dizzines and blurred vision -- Floyd, that is. He was taken by ambulance this morning. Waiting on word. Pray for Floyd. He's a great old Rock of a man.

I am feeling light as a feather. It is more than the usual mania that I have been experienceing since I finally lost the urge to imbibe.

I am very sad, because my last cherished dream has died. The hot wax is dripping from my wings as I plummet back to earth.

To deal with it, I got up early and instead of Mass, I thrashed out a barely intelligible (for the typos) blog entry which will be revisited many times and published when it is right.

Please stand by, and if you like my blog, I really could use the encouragement of more traffic on referrals.