Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hi All!

The good news is that I am not in jail, treatment or hospital.

I'm blogged out for a host of reasons.

Famous Dispatch, Pioneer Press sports columnist Don Riley used to feature an occasional "easy" column, "cleaning off the spindle" where he would dump a lot of tidbits that had been spiked and recovered to fill column space. Don also had a regular "gunning from the catbird's seat" which he used to spout quick hits....bar talk stuff. Great stuff.

Laura Billings was famous for mailing in columns consisting of reader feedback with a terse comment appended. I think Riley did that too, now that I think of it.

I have started anti-depressant medication after a couple of years of doing without. In a few weeks I might start blogging up a storm when the uptake inhibitors take hold.

For several weeks, it has been an effort to get out of bed and "DO" stuff. Well, other than getting the kids off to school this morning and this writing is what I "DID" today.

One thing that will never depress me is low hits on this blog. That wimpy Wog in Seattle gets more with his tripe - must be friends and relatives. Most of my hits don't come from friends and relatives. I get quite a few from the Far East, which means most of my traffic is from trolling scammers.

Well, if you have gotten here, and you are not a scammer, God bless you and spend some time in the archives -- hit and miss but I HAVE posted decent stuff.

The bottom line for why I do this is to leave some sort of written legacy for however few would be the least interested.

To end on a happy note, I think I am gonna buy my 47th Merkur Scorpio -- everyone else thinks it's a bad idea, but the trip to Detroit and the drive back might reinvigorate me and this wogsblog.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Profound Observation

Hi All!

The absolute dirth of inspiration keeps my written expressions at bay.

As the end of a really bad overall week approached, I was struck by something written by a fellow blogger. I definitely could never say what I feel any better than this:

"Through the years, I've come to view serious and progressive illness as an ever constricting circle with oneself at the center. The interior of the circle represents the contents of one's life. As the circle gets smaller, things that were inside get forced out. Some of these things are dearly missed; other items that were once thought precious get forced to the exterior and turn out to go surprisingly unlamented.

At the innermost point of the circle are the things that really matter: Family, faith, love. These things stay with you until the day that you die. At the very end, because the circle has shrunk down to its center, they're all you have left.

But as we approach that end, we finally realize that all along they were what mattered most. As a consequence, life often remains beautiful and worthwhile right up until the end. The past several years for me have been a journey to what's at the center of my life. One of the things I found there that I didn't expect to was writing. (You lucky people.)"

Right on.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Narcissistic John Edwards

Hi All!

While I struggle to get over a rough mental and physical patch, here is a bit of comic relief. It gets good a bit after 1 minute into it.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Losing My Mind?

Hi All!

One of the scariest symptoms of my disease is high ammonia levels in my brain, which, left untreated could lead to an encephalitic coma, but it's sneakier manifestations are light-headedness, absentmindedness, forgetfulness.

Thank goodness for Enulose, a strong laxative which flushes ammonia away. The frequent bathroom breaks are well worth it. The Minnesota Legislature is considering a "freedom to poop" bill where one with Krohns Disease, for example could carry a state-issued card that will compel businesses to allow the use of their private privies. Probably won't pass, but given the new wacked out Left Wing legislative majorities anything is possible, no matter how silly and needless.

Yes, I go a lot but I don't need special access to private water closets.

I guess it's a good sign that when I have my "episodes" I know what is happening and compensate by over concentrating and making lots of lists to jog my ultra-short memory.

While reflecting on this today, I was reminded that OLD memories are still mostly there. I hadn't listened to this perfectly descriptive 1971 song by Ian Hunter for many many years, yet the title, "When My Mind's Gone" sprung into my mind from my vault of useless trivia. It's a real downer, so find an upbeat post if you don't want to wallow in it with me. Here goes:
When my mind's gone
All I do is sit and think
And the days go by
I don't remember anything
And yesterday becomes tomorrow
And I can see the day after tomorrow
I can even see next year
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone

And the time goes fast
And the shadows fly away
If this feeling lasts
Then I won't have to find a thing to say
What once was clean is now unclean
What once was straight is now unstraight
What once was free is now unfree
What once was cold is now uncold
What once was me is now not me
When my mind's gone
When both my minds gone
When all of my mind's gone
When my mind's gone

So I'll take my secrets
I'll take them with me to my grave
And if I'm taking yours
Then I will try to make it safe
There ain't nothing going right
There ain't even nothing going wrong that's right
And day is day
And night ain't night
And night is day
And day is night
And spring is summer
And autumn's winter
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone
Everything's gone
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone
When my mind's gone

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eco-Environmentalist Fundamentalists

Hi All!

"Modern environmentalists sound like either Old Testament doomcriers or New Age missionaries, worshipping nature as if it were a wholly benign force, a veritable Garden of Eden threatened only by human snakes in the grass."
Suzanne Fields.

Yes, the Environmental Movement has morphed into a new religion, on a par with Evangelicals. Of course, that's unfair to Evangelicals -- they share the God that most of us worship.

It's frightening how quickly such a huge number of otherwise rational people have flocked to this new altar. It shows how simple and malleable most of us are. Most people seem to like to be afraid of things. Sure seems as though that makes life unpleasant. Many fears are well-founded and valid. The Global Warming (GW) hysteria is a phenomenon cooked up by left-wing politicians and activist groups who are using the fear they've created to press their political agenda.

To me, that's scary.

I believe the research that illustrate the truly harmful unintended consequences of greenhouse gas reduction, such as great economic harm and human catastrophy in the Third World.

It is said that GW is "proven fact" by scientific consesus. Science is not a discipline that accepts consensus. Consensus is a political term. And the politics of GW are based on scaring enough simple folk to vote Democrat and increase their suddenly rising power.

At least a few regular readers will notice that I have periods where I am too sick, depressed or distracted to write. And when I force myself just to put out something new, like this entry, it's not very good. I apologize. Some days I wonder if my muse has left me for good.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rap Meets and Reflects Punk

Hi All!

I stumbled on a SNL performance by rapper Ludacris and the punk band Sum 41.

I first heard a ludicrous rant titled "Get Back" a few weeks ago on the radio. It surely wasn't the Beatles' version!!!

I pretty much abhor rap but it has crept into my faint favor when it blends with alternative rock -- like what the Gorillaz did so brilliantly.

In thinking about why this song hit me so hard is that if is reflects blunt anger. Like the rebellious songs of the British Invasion through Punk to today's blended genres.

This song got me because it made me think about a couple of people who I am well-acquainted with, a generation apart. A father and son. Two very angry rebels in their own ways. Neither are big actors-out -- they are penter-uppers.

For some reason, hearing a song like this provides temporary venting.

Ludacris and Sum 41-Get Back Live on SNL

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Here are the lyrics (not for the easily offended).