Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Passionate Legal System

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I know a poor fellow awaiting a liver transplant who does pretty much what this article describes. In addition to hellacious cramping, he is relieved of knee pain, nausea, peripheral neurtothapy (walking on red hot coals) and best of all, is more satisfying than the booze that got him where he is.

Despite significant conservative support, our fine governor killed a medicinal compassionate bill by promising a veto. I know him. The former Speaker of the House, the very conservative Steve, who made Tim Paw's political career, authored this bill and 70% of Minnesotan's polled support it.

The Bill went through 9 committees, passed the Senate and failed to be brought to the floor in the House due to the governor's promise. Of all the effing mess this session was, this rare good product did not get to the Governor's desk.

The Speaker and I are staunch conservatives. Too bad the governor and the District Attorneys and Law Enforcement that went into conniptions about "opening the door to a whole new batch of meth addicts via this evil gateway "drug." Sure would be cool if they pulled their heads out of their asses.

Anyway, here is a sad story.

Transplant patient tells court: I need dope for pain


A Tauranga man awaiting a liver transplant has been fined $1500 plus $130 court costs after admitting growing and smoking cannabis to help relieve painful muscle spasms.

Brett Michael Ashby, 49, who runs his own contracting business, pleaded guilty to one charge of cultivating cannabis when he appeared in Tauranga District Court yesterday.

The court was told that during a police cannabis recovery operation on March 14, 10 mature cannabis plants were seen growing in a gully behind the rear of Ashby and his partner's Ohauiti property.

Police executed a search warrant at the couple's address and found six medium-sized and three small cannabis plants in individual pots in a steel shed at the rear of the property. Three light canopies were hanging from the ceiling to assist in the growing process and behind a black woven mat under a bench in the garage there was a polystyrene container with 14 small cannabis cuttings in pots. Lighting was also set up to assist the cuttings to grow.

A number of cannabis seeds were found in an envelope on top of a set of drawers in the master bedroom. Ashby declined to make any comment to police.

His lawyer Ned Burke told Judge Ian Thomas that his client had pleaded guilty on the basis that police and the courts accepted the cannabis was grown purely for Ashby's personal use.

Mr Burke said Ashby - who had a blood transfusion for a serious liver complaint some years ago and also took part in liver drug trials in 2001 which aggravated his health problems - now suffers muscle spasms. Ashby, who hoped to have a liver transplant in the very near future, had tried other medications but cannabis is the only thing that relieves the problem, he said.

Judge Thomas told Ashby that on this occasion he would accept the cannabis was for his personal use due to his medical history.

How very nice.

My friend says if he gets busted he will welcome prison time and let the state pay for his transplant.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bratwurst Helper

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I think I have written on most topics, from light to heavy. I haven't offered any of my secret recipes so here is a real treat for you.

You need 2 fat, juicy brats, preferably fresh from a sausage maker. Johnsonville are glorified hot dogs, but they'll work, and a box of Pork Helper.

Gently boil the brats until cooked through.

Cut brats lengthwise - if it is pink in the middle, zap for 15 seconds in the microwave. (Incidentally, I have eaten hundreds of gently cooked brats without any unfortunate results.)

Put brats back together and cut crosswise into slim half-moons.

Prepare usning instructions on the box.

Try it!



The Angry Left

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A kid shoots a huge wild boar. His dad sets up a website to share pictures. By and large, congratulatory comments are signed. The animal lovers are having a shit fit -- writing anonymous vile and hateful things about this poor kid, including death threats!

Its the pattern of the Angry Left. IMHO, Conservatives don't rage, they just get disappointed and try to do something constructive about it.

Need I list example after example? You all know what I am talking about. Lefties are like spoiled children who howl and whine and spew hate -- and that's all they do.

I am SO sick of these people. Get common sense, mellow out, get a sense of humor and advance contructive solutions. Fat chance for these Lefty Devils.

Still wishing all Cheers!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fred Thompson Must See Video

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It seems me early adoption of Rudy for President was premature. If Fred Thompson jumps in, I will have to seriously reconsider.

This unscripted video dig at Michael Moore is great.

PS. It seems to have lost the soundtrack. I will try to rectify.


Speaking of Addled, Mean Old Men

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Carter is a crude Bush hater. Garry K is manages to surround his hate with wry humour and sarcasm, and a waste of his estimable writing talents. Today's frothing in the Strib was particularly good -- if you appreciate good writing. The message sucked as it does each and every week.

I'd link to it but the Old Scout won't let the Strib put his writing on it's website.

I used to love the Old Scout in the days of his Prairie Home Morning Show, I have autographed copies of his first three best sellers.

I'd much rather read about Ole' spraying Yahooah sauce on a pesky squirrel.

Turns out the pesky squirrel has grown up to be bitter, grumpy old millionaire Garrison Keillor.


Carter: Bush Worst President Ever

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Jimmah Cahtah is addled and befuddled.

The cranky old man epitomized the irrational hatred of George Bush by the lefties.

It best it was bad form.

At worst it is almost slanderous.

If Jimmah wants to see the worst president in history -- okay, I'll be nice and say -- in living memory, he need only see his craggy old mug in the mirror.

Time to put the bitter old preacher out to pasture.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Smoking Would be Permitted at the Disabled Veterans Rest Camp

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Yesterday was Minnesota's 149th birthday and the DFL brought many gifts.

The Senate passed a bill to let the voters decide whether to add 3/8 of a cent to the sales tax (.05 would be too obvious and understandable to the unwashed masses of asses that vote with crayons). I call this the "Wash Our Hands of It" bill. The legislature passes things that are too hot for to handle to the gullible voters in the form of a Constitutional Amendment.

Both chambers passed a Robin Hood bill to nail about 22000 rich folks to provide "permanent" property tax relief for the other 5 million of us. There were so many outright lies uttered in the House that I couldn't know where to begin.

A statewide smoking ban with a few odd and specific exemptions passed both chambers and Pawlenty will sign it. I have never smoked (cigarettes) but I feel sorry for the addicted. This will hit Veterans Clubs hard. Many of these old veterans and their spouses live to smoke, buy pull tabs and imbibe some cheap booze.

Ironic that the bill contains and exemption for exactly ONE disabled veterans' facility in Washington County.

Of course, casinos are untouchable as are Native American religious ceremonies.

More fun from the big, falling apart building on Rev. Dr. Marin Luther King Drive (try fitting that on a business card).

We got a transportation bill with a 7.5 cent gas tax increase (sold as a 5 cent increase but ramps it up in the next couple of years. I would gladly support this if it were dedicated to "TRANSPORTATION", ie. roads and bridges. But of course a good share of this new revenue stream will go to "TRANSIT". Choo Choo trains.

It was all a political "gotcha" game for the DFL as they know damned well that these bills will be vetoed, forcing a "Who will blink first", the Governor or the DFL. No one wants a special session. The weather is too nice and they don't get paid for overtime. The next week will be entertaining.

One bill I strongly support and have done a bit of citizen lobbying for, is the compassionate legalizing of medicinal cannabis. It has gone through 9 committees an passed the Senate on a close vote, with lots of DFLer's gutting out.

It will pass the House soon, by a decent margin.

It is co-authored by mean-spirited conservative Steve Sviggum.

Steve had much to do with getting Gov Tim where he is today. Gov Tim has sworn to veto it and there aren't nearly enough votes to override.

I'd at least think he'd let it sit on his desk and become law without his signature.

To the thousands suffering from chronic, fatal diseases who self-treat pain that is miraculously relieved by smoking a little reefer, nothing will change. In fact, the bill is so restrictive that these folks will ignore the law anyway.

But for the thousands who are too afraid, too worried about getting arrested, or just ignorant as to how much this gift from God can ease their pain, the bill will ease their minds and their pains.

So when he gets back from the Fishing Opener, TimPaw will delve into his box of veto pens and will prevent smoking bad stuff and good stuff. At least he's consistent.