Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cloud Nine

Hi All!

Well I saw the Suicide Commandos for the first time in 30+ years. They were awfully far away compared to the old days, but god damn they haven't lost a beat.

Fountains of Wayne were icing on the cake, but judging from the crowd response and my own total bias, the Commandos upstaged those youngsters.

To top it off, the fireworks were the best I've ever seen at the Fair.

Of course, the weather was perfect.

Last night I went on a bus trip to a dirt track race in Wisconsin. It was a long night and by this afternoon I wasn't sure I could overcome the fatigue to "be there" for my Commandos. Laid down and suddenly decided that I was gonna fight thru it and get to the Fair.

Now I am so pumped that I will have a hard time getting to sleep.

What a night. What a weekend. Life can be really good.



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