Sunday, September 09, 2007

Changing Direction

Hi All!

Man oh boy have I had my head buried in my navel lately?

(and the crowd voices it's enthusiastic agreement)

As an honest politician would tell you, "Never doesn't necessarily mean 'forever'."
CLICK THE PIC - check out the humming birds

So I am taking my personal life pretty much off-line. Heading out for uncharted waters with thoughts unshared.

I have hit a big fork in the road and I need to make some decisions within the constraints of what I have the freedom to decide.

I will still do general topics and tilt a bit back toward politics, 'cos I am an inveterate observer with strong opinions.

I am hoping to be accepted into some heady blogger company on a new website. Pretty exciting.

I need excitement.

I need to work past the many physical and mental pains and suck whatever happiness life still holds for me.

I need people to like me.

I feel like $1,000,000.00 when I hang around with American Legionnaires and fellow Trivia players. It's a high that cannot be replicated by drowning in booze. I have had a lot of trouble balancing that with the old temptation.

Now I am starting to say too much.

A very wise old man who has read my blog religiously told me that he has kept a "secret journal" to pass on to his children when he goes. Thick as a phone book, he says and I believe it. He is a fantastic writer and a sensitive person and I'm sure that journal will be editable into a best selling book once it sees the light of day.

"Paul," he told me, "Don't bare your soul to everyone in the world. It's none of their god damned business."

If things play out the way I wish they wouldn't, this blog will go quiet. The silence will tell volumes.

In the meantime, I will keep posting to this work of love called Wogsblog -- not for anyone, just for me because it is one of the pieces of the puzzle that keeps me going.



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