Monday, September 24, 2007

Unweaved and Unraveled

Hi All!

Strange juxtaposition, I know.

Let me explain.

Today, I drove the Bug through the engineering marvel that is called "Unweaving the Weave" which is taking way too long, but the clever detours have already made the 694-35E junction move traffic much better.

Going South on 35E just south of County Road E, one enters a narrow single-lane "chute". The brakes always come on where it starts, but then people drive through the semi-scary no shoulder, concrete barrier restricted detour. Once cars get in the chute, they drive like bats out of hell. Today I was driving in it at only 5 miles over the posted 55 limit only to watch the line of traffic that ahead, for which even anticipated, I had to initially brake, disappear into the distance.

Couldn't catch up and was very comfortable at legal speed.

Then my reckless, hell-raiser self kicked in. I prodded the old soldier to 75mph thru the chicanes. Never caught the crowd, but got a good rush out of it.

As I rejoined normal traffic, the untied lace that had held my "leather wrapped" steering wheel material on, totally unraveled, twisted and caught in the steering column, forcing me to turn hard to break it. That thing has been on since 1975. I am totally depressed. The skinny big wheel feels like crap and it's slippery. I don't think the wrap is replaceable but I am sure going to hit Google to be sure.

Ah well, the poor bug has taken a beating this summer and the paint is flaking and crazing and rust is appearing for the first time in 25 years since I had it restored. It is on the market and I will not get much for it, but I will get my money out of it for sure.

Sort of a metaphor for life: One can unweave and unravel but if one is lucky, one gets the money out of it...or can lose it all.

So it goes.


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