Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fun to be Right Once Again - LSTs Discredited Again

Hi all!

Today we get the news that the cure-all magic corn squeez'ns is costing us at least 10% at the pump. From memory, as I am in a rush to get ready for a meeting with the liver transplant team, gas costs around $2.50/gallon and ethanol over $4.00. Of course, we only use 10%, hence about 40 cents/gallon for the "renewable resource. Environmental wackos like ex-conservative GOP Governor Turncoat want to push that up at least double right away ASAP.

Squeez'ns 'were first used n the late 70's during the first "Gas Crisis" (Remember how we had only about a year's supply of crude in the ground?? LST (Liberal Scare Tactic).

In addition to this miraculous solving of the energy crisis, ethanol was touted for it's clean, hot-burning pollution reducing qualities. It saved the corn industry as well.

As a teenage skull full of mush who still disbelieved Cretin High's Prof Tierney's wisdom, I still believed what I read in the dailies. Drove my '72 Bug down to the Cenex Co-op down Inver Grove way and got an early tankful of 5%.

Barely made it home. The engine ran like crap. Was lectured by my mechanic to avoid the stuff at all costs. Charged a pretty penny to rebuild the carb.

The solvents in ethanol dissolve all the residue which once settled harmlessly on the bottom of the gas tank. Run ethanol through and the gooey syrup is clogs the carb. Millions of small engines were replaced needlessly over the years as there sensitive tiny carbs succumbed to winter storage. Old gas develops a bit of varnish. Larger engines can burn it up but small implements like power lawn gear tools clog right up, beyond being worth fixing. So count the likes of big bad businesses like the old OMC and Toro. Briggs and Statton, Techumsa and Honda, to name but a few. Don't forget the pollution from landfilled implements.

See here now. I shan't go on because the argument is settled to my satisfaction in the way that GW (Gore's Whining) apostates are satisfied that we annoying little ants are gonna kill our Mother in 10 years. The research is convincing and the nattering negative pettifoggers are a tool of Big Corporations (DeKalb, Pioneer, Cenex and biggest of all, Cargill and ADM).

Truly, loyal plebians, the vast research IS out there on Ethanol and other "renewable fuels"

over all they hurt more than help, drive up prices, degrade mileage, increase repair bills, power the small engine industry and harm the environment during refining by a large factor of what burning it saves.

Population bomb, New Ice Age, Mutual Assured Destruction, Y2K, fuel crises GW, Sunspots -- what a crock. Well, I'm a bit afraid of sun spots.

Time to see Dr. Lake. Wish my liver luck!



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