Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rap Meets and Reflects Punk

Hi All!

I stumbled on a SNL performance by rapper Ludacris and the punk band Sum 41.

I first heard a ludicrous rant titled "Get Back" a few weeks ago on the radio. It surely wasn't the Beatles' version!!!

I pretty much abhor rap but it has crept into my faint favor when it blends with alternative rock -- like what the Gorillaz did so brilliantly.

In thinking about why this song hit me so hard is that if is reflects blunt anger. Like the rebellious songs of the British Invasion through Punk to today's blended genres.

This song got me because it made me think about a couple of people who I am well-acquainted with, a generation apart. A father and son. Two very angry rebels in their own ways. Neither are big actors-out -- they are penter-uppers.

For some reason, hearing a song like this provides temporary venting.

Ludacris and Sum 41-Get Back Live on SNL

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Here are the lyrics (not for the easily offended).



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